Paying It Forward ~ Rachel

On March 2nd, I told you all that for every pound Dave and I lost, we’d donate a pound of food to the local food bank…our end date would be June 30th. Well, it’s almost June 30th and Dave and I have collectively lost 77.2lbs!

I’d like to keep going with this. In an effort to help out the food banks prior to the holiday season, I’m extending our end date to October 31st…Halloween. We’ll probably do a combination of pantry type food and turkeys or things like that if we can. We’ll, of course, take pictures of the loot. That will be after I lugged everything up two big flights of stairs to our 3rd floor apartment so it can be arranged nicely for the picture…and then I will lug everything back down those stairs to the car! I’ve been climbing our stairs for 2 years and I still get winded sometimes.

Anyways, as I typed out 77.2lbs, it just sort of hit me how successful both Dave and I have been. And how this time, it’s been different. Sure, I know how much I’ve lost. But I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to those numbers anymore. The fact that every day a piece of my clothing finds itself in the too big to wear pile is all the proof I need!

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