Lose for Good ~ Rachel

Last week began Weight Watcher’s third annual “Lose For Good” campaign (9/5/2010-10/23/2010). The simple description is that we (Weight Watchers members) lose weight and feed the hungry of the world at the same time.

Weight Watchers will donate up to $1 million to two different groups (Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger) to help combat hunger among America’s school children and among people across the globe. For every 1 million pounds lost by Weight Watchers members during the campaign, they will donate $225,000…up to $900,000. The remaining $100,000 will be donated for things like social networking campaigns that people take on (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc), attendance at meetings, buying t-shirts and Action Tuesday events that I have yet to figure out.

The first year that Weight Watchers did this, members lost 4 million pounds during the campaign period. Did you read that and digest it? In something like 7 weeks, Weight Watchers members lost 4 MILLION POUNDS!  FOUR MILLION POUNDS IN SEVEN WEEKS!!!! I am so completely baffled by that. It’s almost incomprehensible what 4 million pounds looks like. Apparently, in Raleigh, the Weight Watchers members lost a couple of tons. Still incomprehensible! And totally awesome! Weight Watchers members surpassed their first years’ totals last year and we’re hoping to lose even more this year.

Locally, we are being urged to bring in food items for our local food pantries…I’ve got my bag started. Each week I pick something extra up at the grocery store when I go shopping. Luckily they are giving us categories of food each week to concentrate on or else they’d probably end up with a gagillion cans of soup or a bagillion boxes of pasta!

I urge you all to consider making a donation to one of the two charity groups we are working with in this campaign. Or maybe you’d like to make a conscious effort to donate food to your local food pantry in the next couple of months? Maybe you want to donate $1 or one food item for each pound you’ve lost this year? Maybe we can all make an effort to be thankful for the food we are blessed with every day because so many people in this world are not as blessed as we are?

I’ve mentioned before about donating food to a local food pantry that is equal in weight to the amount of weight Dave and I have lost. I initially chose a deadline of June 30th…then I pushed it back to October 31st. I’m now pushing it back to January 12th. Why? That’ll be my one year anniversary of joining Weight Watchers and I’d like to commemorate my commitment to WW in some way. Plus, I imagine those food pantries will need to be replenished after the holidays!

For now, I’ll just keep on losing for good and pick up something extra every week at the grocery store for this campaign. I can spend $7.99 at BJ’s for a box of Gerber fruits and veggies for some hungry toddler and skip the lattes I’ve been drinking of late!

I think this is a really cool campaign and am really happy to be a part of it.

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