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Before and after photos ~ Rachel and Dave

Sorry I’ve been MIA since we left for vacation. I can’t seem to get back into the swing of blogging…Dave is always reminding me to post and then I forget to do it!

Anyways…as Dave will tell you down below, we are going to my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month. I assumed I needed to go shopping for a dress, because I didn’t think I had anything in the closet that would work. Well, I peeked in the closet and saw a dress that I bought years ago and have never worn. It never really fit me…and if it did fit me, I (for whatever reason) didn’t feel confident enough to wear it. Well, I tried it on. It fit. In fact, by the end of September, it might even be a little loose…but I will work with safety pins if I have to. I was so excited that I could wear this dress because I seriously love it. The thought of shoe shopping for it didn’t thrill me, but I would deal with it!

That whole dress situation…coupled with Dave trying on (and getting rid of) all of his clothes…made me want to do before and after photos. I knew my physical changes weren’t quite as dramatic as Dave, but they were still something. So I dug up a couple of pictures and tried on the old clothes. With my weight loss, the most dramatic change is in my butt and legs. I put on the size 22 jeans I was keeping as a frame of reference and they were, um, a tad LOOSE. I had some serious droopy drawers. The dress was a bit big too. So all in all, I felt pretty good about all of that! Check out the evidence below.

I can’t wait to wear my fancy dress and the awesome shoes I got to go with it and stand next to my handsome husband who is going to be stylin’ at my cousin’s wedding in a few weeks. Just wait until you see THOSE pictures!

Oh yeah…as of weigh-in this past Saturday, I’m down a total of 58lbs since the beginning of February!

Rachel before and after

And now it is my turn!!!  Alright so this past weekend we went through all of my clothes in the closet.  The reason being is I had a fair amount that were too big and people kept telling me as such.  Plus in Weight Watchers they tell us not to keep the too big clothes for that “in case you need it again” way of thinking.  All that does is give you an excuse to relapse.

So we were going through everything.  Rachel’s cousin is getting married at the end of September and that meant I had to try on dress clothes as well.  Now first off, I HATE dress clothes.  I get to work in t-shirts and jeans and I could not be happier.  But I digress.  So it was time to try on the dreaded dress clothes.  Everything was a bit large which was not bad honestly, it was a nice confidence booster.  Then we go to the suit and shirt I wore to Rachel’s step brothers wedding in 2009.  If you look at the picture the suit and shirt were tight back then.  On that note I will let the picture speak for itself.

Dave before and after

So needless to say it does not fit anymore.  It also means I had to go clothes shopping which always sucks.  But Rachel and I came up with a really cool outfit for me that I am excited to wear and will share once pictures of it surface!

Also this past weigh in I was down 3.4 pounds for a total loss of 82.2 pounds!!!!  Rockin!

Vacation is over ~ Dave

So Rachel and I made it through the insanity of our vacation and the few weeks leading up to it.  And as nice as it was to not be at work and to be relaxing, I am also glad to be home.  But let’s recap.

Rachel’s dad planned a vacation for his family which included her dad and step-mother, biological brother and his daughter, her step-sister and her husband and daughter, her step-brother and his wife and their son and daughter and us.  We got in our car and headed down to St. Augustine for the first leg of the trip where we met everyone but Rachel’s brother who was flying.  It was a long drive and a bit stressful especially when Rachel was behind the wheel.  She is a bit of a crazy driver but is much less vocal than myself.  Then the next day we hit the “outlet” mall before the final leg of the trip to Palm Beach.  I put outlet in quotes as it no longer means what it used to.  Most if not all the stores are just regular stores with a small clearance section.  When I was growing up an outlet mall meant it was all close out specials and sales.  We did pick up a few things, Rachel found some new clothes at Lane Bryant and she learned she was a smaller size than she thought!!  I got a new Star Wars t-shirt in my soon to be smaller size (it is so close to fitting) and of course we hit up Yankee Candle and grabbed some Coconut Bay candles though one broke in transport.  I also had to hit up a 7-11 for a slurpee which was a childhood favorite.  I got the Strawberry Lemonade and the first words out of my mouth were it tastes like Sugar and Diabeetus!


We got to the Marriott in Palm Beach and got checked in and moved in.  We were sharing a 2 bedroom villa with her dad and step-mom and the siblings with kids all shared a 3 room villa.  From our room we could see part of the pool and a sliver of ocean but from the 3 room it had a full ocean view.  Thankfully this was also the party room as once the little ones went to bed they would sleep through near anything!  Here is a picture of the view from the party room.


The rest of our vacation went like this.  Wake up, workout or jog, breakfast, pool, lunch, pool and beer, dinner, drinking and games.  It was a hell of a routine to upkeep I will say that.  All hat lounging at the pool was tough.  For the most part Rachel and I stuck to our points as best we could.  Beer got the best of me though and once I got drinking I also got snacking.  But we were on vacation so I was not sweating it honestly.

As for exercise we did the following.  One morning we went to the beach and walked and did jog a little bit in the surf.  It actually was not too bad and we did not hate ourselves for it.  The next day we went to the resort gym which was very very hot.  There was little moving air and it just got stuffy in there really fast, so we went the one time only.  I started the Couch to 5k program I downloaded: Zombie 5k.  It is a cool game as not only does it train you for a 5k, but it also has a story to it.  I was able to finish two days of the Zombie 5k and each day walked and jogged 2.3 miles average.  Two other days Rachel went out walking and jogging with me and that was fun.  The only downfall to this outdoor activity was that come 7am it was close to 90 degrees outside and probably 85% humidity or higher.  I would come back soaked from head to toe.

One night Rachel’s dad and step-mother watched the little ones so all of the siblings could go out together.  We walked down the street to Johnny Longboats.  It was a typical seafood bar/restaurant on the beach.  It was fully opened to the air flow from outside and the decor was your typical “fancy” dive.  The food was also rather good and I did okay.  I got a boil which was tasty except it was drowned in some thick butter sauce which actually detracted from the taste.  Rachel had the grouper in a bag and she loved it and we ended with a key lime tart which was good except for the neon green sauce that was on top of it.

dinner out

Thursday we had to check out and our trip took us to Orlando for a night to see some old friends.  We met everyone at Raglan Road which is our favorite destination in Downtown Disney.  It was great to catch up and see people, but sadly our trip was at an end.


Friday we drove back and here is where things got interesting…  First off traffic was a steady nightmare, no one could figure their head from their ass and they surely showed it while driving.  Second off, our lunch meat had gone south a day or two previous so we had to toss it.  This meant food on the road.  We toyed around in the Weight Watchers app to look for something that was okay that sounded good.  We settled on Popeye’s as I loved it when I lived in Florida and you can’t get it in NC.  Plus the points value was not horrid.  Keep in mind it had been about 9 months since we had fast food and it was tasty, but so salty!  Well my body rejected it once we got home.  I thought we had just visited Mexico and I drank a few gallons of the water.  Never ever ever again!  I will say my body is happy to be back to our normal food intake.

Happily our lives are back to normal.  We did weigh in and I was up 3.4 pounds.  For two weeks that was not bad and it all ended up being water weight as that plus more has since dropped off.  I have also completed week 1 of Zombie 5k but the GPS on my phone can’t handle the track at the gym and therefore my total mileage is rather off.  If I had to guess I would state I have hit just over 7 miles in the 3 days I did the program.  Rachel is promising a post on Friday so here is to hoping.

Zoom zoom zoom ~ Dave

I had a hard time thinking of a post.  My brain is mush recently and our vacation is less than a week away.  I need this vacation!!  I have busted my ass this year at work and in life and I need some me time.  Granted my me time will involve running on the beach in the mornings.  That should be fun though both of my older pairs of Brooks are about to have holes in the bottom, so it does not matter which one I ruin.  (Goodbye shoes, you served me well!)  And I am going to do as much as I can in our room with my core and legs, squats and planks here I come!!!  But I digress.

First let’s start off with the weight loss.  I weighed in without Rachel this past weekend as she was in Bethesda for a conference.  It’s a shame she wasn’t there.  Because I lost 3.8 pounds. That brings my Weight Watchers total loss to 41.8 and my overall total to 75 pounds even!!!  Woo go me!!  And I am slowly catching up to Rachel for weight lost on WW, muahahahah.  Though I will say she is amazing and keeps kicking ass and taking names on her weigh ins.  I am noticing a trend where I have a big loss one week and the next a very small loss, rinse and repeat.  Annoying yes, but at least I have recognized the trend and am not getting flustered by it.

As I was reading my daily sites today I cam across this image:

Look at that folks and let it all sink in!  Really think about what the diet industry has trained people to think and eat!  It’s ridiculous and infuriating!  On top of it there was an article about how fast food could be healthy and I think Rachel wanted to post on that.  But then I found this damn OP-ED about how the Double Cheeseburger from McDonald’s is the best thing ever!  NO NO NO NO NO!!!  And some of the topics this hits on are true and maybe I do get on my high horse about fresh produce and foods.  But one thing it infers is that the average person does not have time to prepare dinners from fresh food.  This is not true.  Rachel and i both work and she finds time to make our dinners ahead of time.  I make breakfast in the morning after getting up early and taking the dogs out.  Now yes there are some cases where there is not time, I will admit some people really do have it hard, but there is always a point in time where you could pre-make some meals and have healthier options.

Okay off the high horse and on to the title.  I will make this quick as I do not have all the details.  So I had an idea and told Rachel about it.  She likes the idea.  My goal is once I figure out my goal weight and I reach it, we go on a trip somewhere awesome with a jungle or mountain forests and we find a zip line place to go through or over said forest/jungle.  Heights scare the crap out of me when standing, but sitting it’s not an issue and being strapped into that harness sure will help.  So that is my goal!

Have a great week folks, I know i will as we get to go to Beer, Bourbon and BBQ on Friday night!  Woot!!

The week in workouts ~ Dave

Not sure if this will be a regular thing or not.  But will do it at least this week.

30 minutes on the stationary bike with 8 pound medicine ball lifts
3 laps around outside of building at work for 1 mile

2 laps around the building at work for about 2/3 mile
30 minutes on stationary bike with 8 pound medicine ball lifts
3 sets 20 reps leg press @ 250 lbs
30 minutes track time (2 laps jogging, 2 laps walking intervals)

2 laps around outside of building for about 2/3 mile
5 minutes warmup on spin bike
5 exercises on tabata intervals:
Rope throws
Squat thrusts
Step ups
Kettlebell swings
Russian twists

2 laps around outside of building at work for about 2/3 mile
30 minutes stationary bike at full throttle
20 minutes track time (2 laps jogging, 2 laps walking intervals)

15 minutes stationary bike at full throttle
15 minutes track time (2 laps jogging, 2 laps walking intervals)
15 minutes on spin bike

Rachel joined me at the gym on Friday for the workout except she did 15 arc trainer, the track for 15 and 15 on stationary bike.  Then while I showered she did some leg stuff to try and help her knee.  She can be a big wuss, but I love her and she did awesome!!!!  I was very proud of her for keeping up.

Links and food and stuff ~ Dave

Hello again!  I am posting twice this week since Rachel can’t seem to get it together long enough to make a post.  She has been rather busy with work and her birthday weekend last week.  And now we are coming into a few weeks of absolute insanity.  It will be interesting to see what our weight loss does these next 4 weeks.

To give you an idea of the insanity:
July 19th – Dinner with Rachel’s family.  Rachel will be making a healthy dish so I will try to stick to that.
July 24 thru 27th – Rachel is out of town for a conference.  This makes me a sad Dave.  Our normal date Saturday will move to Sunday but it will just throw me completely out of whack.  Even the dogs will be a bigger pain than usual.
August 2nd – Beer Bourbon and BBQ festival in Cary, NC.  This will be our second year going and this year we are going with our best friends!!!!!
August 7th thru 17th – Family vacation in West Palm Beach.  We are going with Rachel’s dad and step-family.  It will be nice to just be on vacation and not have to worry about things.  But everyone there except Rachel, her father and myself, have no issues with weight and eat and drink whatever they want.  I get the feeling I will be waking up early daily to run on the beach and  I will be limiting myself to very little eating just to try and balance the higher fat foods out.  We also plan on finding Weight Watcher meetings there so we can go when we need to.


So yeah it will be crazy, but it all ends with a 1.5 week vacation which we desperately need.  Moving along…

So I am an internet addict.  I even play online games like World of Warcraft or Star Wars.  But I find a lot of information on the internet and it and sometimes a lot of support.  Recently though I have found myself on a few subreddits for weight loss.  To explain a subreddit is easy.  Ther eis a website called, on this website you can find all sorts of pictures, stories, jokes, you name it.  Now reddit is so huge that it has these pages called subreddits.  Each subreddit is dedicated to a certain topic like weight loss, weird pictures, cute animals and so forth and so on.  (There are some dark places that would scare normal folks and I try to stay out of those.)  But on reddit there is a subreddit called loseit.  I surf there daily, it is a site of inspirational weight loss stories, of people looking for advice or congratulations and everyone is there to help each other.  So not only do I blog now, I also post on loseit!  If you click on the little alien below it will take you to the loseit sureddit.


And finally I want to talk about food, at least one in particular.  But I will get there with a very roundabout story.

So when I started Weight Watchers I was looking for ways to cut down on point usage.  I get a crap ton of points daily.  Weight Watcher points are what we use to count what we eat and how much we should eat.  As a mid-30’s male I get currently 68 points daily, 49 weekly points and I earn points by exercising (I have earned as many as 117 activity points in a week, that’s a lot.)  Well on a typical day I can’t eat 68 points unless I drink a few beers or eat crap like fast food.  (Those that follow us know we have not actually had fast food in about 4 months.  It even smells nasty to me now.)  So those were not really options and I just sucked it up to eating what I could and being healthy.  In doing so I also realized I needed more fiber and could not work out a way to get there and not eat a ton of bread.  That was when we found these little miracles of awesomeness.  (You can click the pic to see all of the products.)


These suckers are full of fiber and make the best sandwiches and tacos I have ever eaten in my life!!!  We find them at Harris Teeter but I am sure other places carry them and they also come in different flavors!  I want to try the Tomato Basil one which Rachel does not know and now she is probably going “WHAT?!” out of sheer shock.

And one last minor Non-scale victory.  Yesterday I busted my butt at the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike at a high intensity while lifting a medicine ball above my head over and over for 1 minute intervals.  Then I jogged/walked the track for another 30 minutes alternating 2 laps jogging with 2 laps walking!  Let’s see Rachel top that one!

So that is about it for now.  Maybe one day we will get another post from Rachel, at least I hope so as this is more her blog than mine…

Uh oh! ~Dave

First off Happy Birthday Rachel!

But wait, what’s this?


What is that you say?  Why is there a big 10% image over here?  Because I have now lost 10% of my starting Weight Watchers weight!!!  That’s right as of this past Saturday I have dropped over 36 pounds on Weight Watchers for a grand total of over 70 pounds lost!!  I really don;t have much else to say right now as work is busy and I am also spending a lot of time on the loseit subreddit.  I find it inspirational to read people’s stories.

But I just wanted to stop in, share the good news and thank the Academy and my Mom and Dad and of course God and Charles Darwin and my wife!  Longer post later this week when I have some more time.

Sometimes you want more, but there’s less ~ Dave

Rachel hates the commercial that that line is from.  She will probably kill me for using it.  I do see she just posted so I am actually posting this a day later than intended.  But the past few weeks seem noteworthy.

1) Not this past weigh in but the one before was in my eyes utter blah.  I had lost 0.8 pounds.  Yeah it was a still a loss, but I expect so much more from my body especially when I work so hard.  But I had worked late the night before and was all stressed out about multiple things.  (We got to meet Weird Al, my childhood hero, and the place was crowded.  Crowds freak me right the hell out.  I was already stressed from work so my body went into cortisol overdrive.)  It was not crushing just blah.  My goal is to lose 10% of my weight by Rachel’s birthday.  What better present than a skinnier, healthier, sexier husband.  Except maybe jewelry…

2) I worked just as hard and really stuck to everything and this past weigh in was 5.6 pounds down… BOOM!!  I am slowly but surely catching up to Rachel.  As I have lost 33.2 pounds and she has lost 44.  My goal is to catch her and pass her because I am a competitive person.  I am only 2.8 pounds from 10% lost of my WW starting weight.  All in all I have actually lost 66 pounds.

3) I am an addict for exercise now.  I go to the gym 5 days a week.  Sometimes I see my trainer once a week and some weeks I see her a second time with Rachel.  On top of that I walk at work daily, I walk the dogs in the morning three times a week, I walk around the outside of the dog park 4 days a week and finally on Sundays we go for a 2+ mile walk.  I am now doing things I thought impossible like a 700 rep workout in about 30 minutes which included squats, back rows, dead lifts, push ups, side crunches and penguins.  All of this is helping me get better in shape for the day I get my bike in about a month or two.

I think that is about all for the update.  Rachel is doing awesome and she looks fantabulous!  I look good, though my gut is barely shrinking and is actually holding me back from newer clothes.  But our motto goes “I accept myself unconditionally, right now!”

So I promised more ~ Dave

While we wait for Rachel to get her butt in gear and write a blog, I figured I could give an update on things going on in our life. Really not much has changed except for the fact Rachel has finished paper #1 of her dissertation. That was the hard part and I am sure she will expand on that much more when she posts.

Other items going on, I took a small promotion at work and do server and VM work now instead of desktop support. No change in hours but I deal with fewer users face to face so that is definitely a bonus.

Now onto why we are here. I am going to change the format of how I report my weight loss. In fact it will be more of a casual thing. I look back on what I had done in the past with the posts and the tracking and where it worked it was also a bit demoralizing to see it in so many places.

1) I have now been taking thyroid medicine since September of 2012. Since then I have dropped a lot of weight. To give you an idea I had hit a high weight which I had seen only once before. Since then I got serious and really started working on my weight loss.

2) I have joined Weight Watchers full time with Rachel. I go to meetings and everything and it really does help. So far I have been on the program for 2.5 months and it truly does help.

3) The gym. I am now on trainer #6, they keep leaving for better jobs. But this one has taken a different approach and I only do circuit training, no more weights till I lose enough. I also get to do deck of cards every month or so. It consists of 4 exercises each represented by a card suit. My trainer deals cards and I have to do x number of y exercise. It’s brutal and I tend to have to do crunches, squats, push-ups and burpees. On top of that I now go to the gym 5 times a week and on the weekends Rachel and I walk on Saturday before our WW meeting and then go on a 2.5 mile hike on Sundays with the puppies.

4) I am planning on getting a bike in September to help with weight loss. I loved bike riding when I was young and still spend 30 minutes of my daily gym time on the stationary bike. All I know for now is a mountain bike, so if you have suggestions let me know.

Since my initial journey of weight loss, I am now down 60 pounds total.  This does not include what I had lost previously on the blog as I had gone back up.  Since joining weight watchers 2.5 months ago I have lost 26.8 pounds of that 60.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Well that is all from me for now, let’s see how long ti takes for Rachel to post.

Who the, what the, where the? ~ Dave

So this place has been silent since March 3rd. I am only here to fill in some small gaps for those of you that actually read this and are not spammers.

1) In blog news, I now require all comments get approved.  There were a few spam comments and I am trying to avoid that.

2) Rachel is still hard at work on her dissertation.  She has turned in the first draft of her fist article, now she just needs to fine tune it and submit it then begin her second and final article.  She is looking at being a PhD before the year is out. (Bout time.)  I feel like I will need a shirt that states “My wife finished her PhD and all I got was this lousy shirt.”

3) Weight loss has been null and void.  After the honeymoon and with things getting busy we both gained.  We had stopped weight watchers and tried things on our own.  This went okay except we, especially me, have no willpower.  So in an effort to fix things we have actually cleared out almost all processed food out of our house.  I am now doing protein shakes for breakfast, going to the gym 3 – 4 times a week and have started eating green things like lettuce and spinach.  Weird I know!  Rachel is trying her hardest to get moving again, but she got turf toe!  All she did was go to BodyFlow a few times and she got turf toe.  I knew I was marrying a gimp, but geez.

4) In going back through the blog, I noticed my weight loss was all over the place.  Small amounts, large amounts, up, down and stagnant.  Now we might know why.  Went to my doctor for a yearly physical and he made me do a blood test.  I HATE needles and acted like a 5 year old the whole time.  But two weeks later the tests came back and I have hypo-thyroidism.  So I am on a daily synthroid.  Last weekend I ate like “crap” due to a weird funk I was in and I lost 2.2 pounds over the weekend.  So I am excited to see what this does in the long run and how effective it might be.

5) On that same note I hate my doctor right now.  I found out via my pharmacy calling to tell me I had a perscription waiting that there was an issue with my Thyroid.  I called my doctor and left a voicemail for him and then an hour later I get the email with all of my test results.  That was a tad unprofessional to say the least.

6) My two year goal is to still run in the Run for Your Lives 5k or something like it.  MY one year or less goal is to get my bike and teach Darwin how to run next to it.  That way I can take him and go for longs rides.  I started jogging, which at 376lbs is not an easy thing on the shins and when I do jog, he LOVES it!  He gets real excited when I ask him if he is ready and his tail goes bonkers!  So I think biking will be good for him.

7) And finally, in breaking and shocking news, I LOVE QUINOA!

I might post more often than we have been.  I am not sure yet as it all depends on my free time and how I use it.  And who knows when Rachel will begin posting again, but she will when she finishes.  Then we can all call her PhD Ranch!

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish ~ Dave

Yeah we are telling the WORLD!!

1) Have you heard, Bird is the word?  (Got it stuck didn’t I?)

2) The truck is FINALLY gone!  It was dying a rather quick death and I needed to do something and pretty fast.  So I looked around online and we had test driven a few cars a few months back.  Well when I went to Crossroads Nissan they had the perfect car.  A certified pre-owned 2009 Mazda CX-7.  Enough room for the pups, future kids and sporty enough to make me feel manly!  Well manly-ish.

It was a little sad to see the truck go.  I had a few good memories with Rachel in that truck.  Our first date and kiss.  Driving to her place in it all the time.  Kharma’s first truck ride.  Darwin’s first truck ride.  Kharma having to ride in the bed when she rolled in deer shit.

But there were a lot of bad memories.  Failed relationships, the gas mileage, the leak in the back window, the cost of brakes and tires and the list goes on and on.  Once summer hit and I realized the AC was causing havok with the engine and barely worked, it was time to part ways.  The Silver Bullet (later renamed The Silver Butthole) lasted me 7 years and she was good to me for the most part.  But I am starting new chapters in my life and I think this is a good one to start, with Rachel.