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Ice Ice Baby ~Rachel

I had to go to Bethesda, MD for a work conference so I missed my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday. I’m pretty sure that the scale moved the proper direction but I’ll post my official numbers next Saturday (Disclaimer: We are going to the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival Friday night and I intend to partake in all of the “B’s” so weigh-in might not be too stellar…oh well, YOLO).

My reason for this post is to talk about running. More specifically, the injury I seemed to have acquired before I even began my Couch to 5K training.

I got it in my head that I was going to train for a 5K…there is a Color Run in Charlotte in mid-October that I was aiming for. I got pumped up about it. I posted about it on Facebook and told the world (ok, just my FB friends) that I was going to do it. I downloaded several apps on my phone and was about to start figuring out a training schedule.

And then my foot started to hurt. This wasn’t the normal plantar fasciitis pain I’ve become so accustomed to and can work with. This was pain on the top of my foot that I’ve not felt before. I decided to test it out at the gym and attempted a 2 walking laps and 1 jogging lap rotation. Well, by the end of 15 minutes, it hurt like hell. I did, however, discover that jogging wasn’t so bad. My big butt was jiggling/bouncing A LOT when I jogged and while that was kind of uncomfortable, it was bearable and I was able to ignore it after awhile. Too bad I didn’t have a sports bra that could hold my ass in. Anyways, the damn foot was screaming at me. Dave insists that my shoes were the problem since they were old and badly in need of replacement. We went out and bought new shoes (incidentally, I got the same Brooks Dyad 7’s in a different color scheme). I then tried doing one of our early morning walks with the dogs…by the end of it, I felt crippled. I then went to Bethesda and only wore my big clunky Danskos. I did some walking but it was relatively low impact as it wasn’t exactly power walking. My foot started to feel a little better so I thought my injury was maybe getting better.

I went to the gym this morning and did: 10 minutes Arc Trainer, 5 laps around the track (0.25mi), 15 minutes Elliptical, 5 laps, 10 minutes Arc Trainer. My foot actually felt ok during all of this. I talked to Dave’s trainer. She told me to ice it, even if it was a stress fracture (which I am worried about). Dave talked to Brandy later in the day and was instructed that I should do an ice bath. Sonofabitch, I was not happy to hear that. Dave had to do it a couple of weeks ago and was not shy in talking about how awful it is. So I did the ice bath…15 min in, 5 min walk, 5 min in, 5 min walk, 5 min in, 5 min walk, 5 min in, 5 min walk. This is me with my foot in Dave’s beer brewing bucket full of ice:







For the record, it was NOT fun.

Only time will tell what the problem is with my foot and how long I won’t be able to train for a 5K. I’m taking this one day at a time and hoping that it starts to resolve itself. If not, I’ll go to a doctor, I guess. I already have a walking boot if I need it (thank you, plantar fasciitis). When I can start training for a 5K, I will. I’m hoping I can do one in October. But if not, I’m sure I will have plenty of opportunities in the spring. Until then, I’ll just keep at my cardio at the gym (the machines don’t bother my foot) and do no-impact stuff. At least with every delay of training, there will be less of me to jiggle/bounce as I do run ūüôā

The week in workouts ~ Dave

Not sure if this will be a regular thing or not.  But will do it at least this week.

30 minutes on the stationary bike with 8 pound medicine ball lifts
3 laps around outside of building at work for 1 mile

2 laps around the building at work for about 2/3 mile
30 minutes on stationary bike with 8 pound medicine ball lifts
3 sets 20 reps leg press @ 250 lbs
30 minutes track time (2 laps jogging, 2 laps walking intervals)

2 laps around outside of building for about 2/3 mile
5 minutes warmup on spin bike
5 exercises on tabata intervals:
Rope throws
Squat thrusts
Step ups
Kettlebell swings
Russian twists

2 laps around outside of building at work for about 2/3 mile
30 minutes stationary bike at full throttle
20 minutes track time (2 laps jogging, 2 laps walking intervals)

15 minutes stationary bike at full throttle
15 minutes track time (2 laps jogging, 2 laps walking intervals)
15 minutes on spin bike

Rachel joined me at the gym on Friday for the workout except she did 15 arc trainer, the track for 15 and 15 on stationary bike.  Then while I showered she did some leg stuff to try and help her knee.  She can be a big wuss, but I love her and she did awesome!!!!  I was very proud of her for keeping up.

Who the, what the, where the? ~ Dave

So this place has been silent since March 3rd. I am only here to fill in some small gaps for those of you that actually read this and are not spammers.

1) In blog news, I now require all comments get approved.  There were a few spam comments and I am trying to avoid that.

2) Rachel is still hard at work on her dissertation. ¬†She has turned in the first draft of her fist article, now she just needs to fine tune it and submit it then begin her second and final article. ¬†She is looking at being a PhD before the year is out. (Bout time.) ¬†I feel like I will need a shirt that states “My wife finished her PhD and all I got was this lousy shirt.”

3) Weight loss has been null and void.  After the honeymoon and with things getting busy we both gained.  We had stopped weight watchers and tried things on our own.  This went okay except we, especially me, have no willpower.  So in an effort to fix things we have actually cleared out almost all processed food out of our house.  I am now doing protein shakes for breakfast, going to the gym 3 Р4 times a week and have started eating green things like lettuce and spinach.  Weird I know!  Rachel is trying her hardest to get moving again, but she got turf toe!  All she did was go to BodyFlow a few times and she got turf toe.  I knew I was marrying a gimp, but geez.

4) In going back through the blog, I noticed my weight loss was all over the place. ¬†Small amounts, large amounts, up, down and stagnant. ¬†Now we might know why. ¬†Went to my doctor for a yearly physical and he made me do a blood test. ¬†I HATE needles and acted like a 5 year old the whole time. ¬†But two weeks later the tests came back and I have hypo-thyroidism. ¬†So I am on a daily synthroid. ¬†Last weekend I ate like “crap” due to a weird funk I was in and I lost 2.2 pounds over the weekend. ¬†So I am excited to see what this does in the long run and how effective it might be.

5) On that same note I hate my doctor right now.  I found out via my pharmacy calling to tell me I had a perscription waiting that there was an issue with my Thyroid.  I called my doctor and left a voicemail for him and then an hour later I get the email with all of my test results.  That was a tad unprofessional to say the least.

6) My two year goal is to still run in the Run for Your Lives 5k or something like it.  MY one year or less goal is to get my bike and teach Darwin how to run next to it.  That way I can take him and go for longs rides.  I started jogging, which at 376lbs is not an easy thing on the shins and when I do jog, he LOVES it!  He gets real excited when I ask him if he is ready and his tail goes bonkers!  So I think biking will be good for him.

7) And finally, in breaking and shocking news, I LOVE QUINOA!

I might post more often than we have been.  I am not sure yet as it all depends on my free time and how I use it.  And who knows when Rachel will begin posting again, but she will when she finishes.  Then we can all call her PhD Ranch!

LCL ~Rachel

If you’ve been following me for any period of time, you know that I am a bit of a klutz. I just fall. It just happens. I roll my eyes and get over it because most of the time, I’m not injured.

Last week (Wed or Thurs) my ankle rolled and I hit the floor. I walked it off but knew my knee was a little more sore than normal. My inner knee, where I have a plica¬†that is prone to inflammation, was a bit cranky but after about a day, it was fine.¬†Fast forward to Saturday night when my knee began to throb in pain. It was bad. It was distracting and it definitely hurt. Except the pain was on the outside of the knee. Weird. Anyways, I iced it a few times on Sunday, popped a bunch of ibuprofen, and told Doc about it on Monday morning. He was perplexed about the 2-3 day delay in pain after my fall. Then again, I’m not normal so who knows what happened. He poked around and said I have a mild LCL sprain and to rest it (and ice it) for a week. That meant no cardio except the recumbent bike. BOO! I was actually gonna get back on the elliptical after that appointment.

So I hopped on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes before my training session with Isaiah. I did not enjoy those 10 minutes. I was uncomfortable, my knee hurt and I didn’t feel like I was actually doing anything (except bothering my knee). I decided to just skip cardio for the week and do strength training. Isaiah stuck to an upper body workout. Only problem is that I pulled a muscle in my lower back doing chops with the pulleys.

So I’m a hot mess right now. My knee is feeling better and almost back to normal (I think). My lower back is not. I see Isaiah again tomorrow and will tell him to stay away from lower body and lower back. I have a feeling I’m going to have some tired arms tomorrow! On Friday I plan on easing back into some cardio to see how the knee feels. Let’s hope for the best.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and not hurt myself again ūüôā

Fridays aren’t for slacking off ~ Rachel

I had my first session with my new trainer, Jana, this morning. I told her that she scared me and that I thought she was going to kick my ass. She laughed and confessed that I am not the first person to tell her that. We started off with some measurements and I’m excited to say that my percentage body fat is now under 40%. Yeah, it’s still disgustingly high but all that matters is that it is dropping, slowly but surely.

We then moved on to a total body workout of: some sort of one handed row to work the back, chest butterfly press, woodchoppers to work the obliques and a lot of Bosu Ball work in between. She was really testing the boundaries of my balance which I think actually improved a little bit. I managed to do squats on the Bosu Ball! Imagine that! We finished up the time with some core work on the Bosu Ball with the medicine ball. That 6lb medicine ball felt like 20lbs today for some reason.

Jana asked about my cardio and told me she wants me to record calories burned…she didn’t care about intervals or anything like that. So I headed to the Arc Trainer and did 30 minutes, burning 350 calories.

After a little snack, I’m gonna clean the apartment.

My metabolism isn’t gonna know what hit it!

Have a good weekend everyone! My best friend and her family are coming down from Ohio for a visit (they go to the NASCAR race in Martinsville every year) and the Steelers game is being televised here on Sunday…this is going to be a great weekend for me!

Weight loss week 32 ~ Dave

Week 31 weight: 334.6
Week 32 weight: 334.0

Loss of 0.6 pounds

Total weight loss: 31.8 pounds.

Another slow week.  Rachel seems to think she has the answer.  Her answer is I do not eat all of my points.  But until we get a full rating of my metabolism, then whatever.  I believe her, but refuse to agree since I am German and stubborn.

As for the gym things are going good.¬† Week 1 I was able to do 90 pounds on the fixed lat pull downs.¬† When I went back over the weekend of week 2 I was able to do 105!¬† I went back yesterday and Fabian my trainer was missing, literally.¬† No one knows where he is which worries me as he is a great guy!¬† But I had to work with Larry who has a reputation.¬† The reputation is correct he is a beast!¬† Fabian has me doing two exercises for two reps and then we switch to two new ones.¬† Larry made me do circuits… rapidly!¬† Started with push ups using the Bosu ball as I cannot do a full push up as of yet.¬† Then using a barbell with some weight amount (guessing about 70 pounds) to do squats.¬† Then doing lat pulls with the barbell and finally dead lifts.¬† As so0n as dead lifts were done, back to the push ups.¬† Ran through this 3 times and on the last set some things were easier like the push ups got super easy. After all of that I had to do planks.¬† I do not do a full plank yet though I think I could.¬† I use my knees for support right now even though I extend them as far as possible and tend to use my toes a bit as well.¬† The first plank I held and it felt like nothing.¬† I asked if that was 20 seconds and Larry said “No 45 seconds.”¬† “Want to go longer?”¬† Knowing Rachel has done a 1 minute plank, I said hell yeah!¬† So was able to hold the plank for 1 minute with no issues.¬† This is a competition for me, not for her, but for me it is. ūüôā

Favorite Workout Songs ~ Rachel

Music is a HUGE part of my life. I have over 160GB of it on my computer and it is almost always playing in the house. I enjoy silence from time to time but for the most part, my life has a soundtrack. Music plays an even bigger role in my exercise routine. I unfortunately can’t listen to it while I’m strength training. I have one of the large iPods and I don’t want it strapped to me or dragging down a pocket. When I’m on the stationary bike, I’m either listening to my iPod or plugged into the tv watching Rachael Ray or ESPN. The Arc Trainer is another story. I can’t plug into a tv. And the music pumped out into the gym just doesn’t cut most of the time. I have to have my iPod going full blast. When I run out of battery in the middle of a workout on the Arc Trainer, the remainder of the workout is tortuous and takes forever to be done with. Music is my fuel when I’m trying to get my heart rate up!

My music tastes, in general, range from heavy metal to opera to jazz to classic rock. My workout music is a little narrower than that but there is definitely a wide array of genres shuffled on my iPod. Here are my top ten favorite songs to workout to….maybe you’ll find them perfect for your workout too!

10. Poison by Bel Biv Devoe: I grew up in the 90’s. Nuff said.

9. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga: Yeah, she’s a little weird. But damn, her music is catchy!

8. I Know You Want Me by Pitbull: Perfect beat!

7. Canned Heat by Jamiroquai: I bet you would all pay good money to see me do this in the gym! I didn’t care for this movie but I do love Jamiroquai!

6. Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone…otherwise known as the Numa Numa song: This is one of the first viral videos I ever saw and it still makes me laugh. A song that can keep me moving AND put a smile on my face? Definitely top ten material!

5. It’s Not Right But It’s Ok by Whitney Houston: When I was in college, I used to go to Pegasus, the gay club downtown, to dance my booty off. I used to wear cute clothing and my sneakers and I caught hell from my best friend every time. I still get ribbed about wearing my trainers to the dance club. But you know what? I danced my ass off and had a good time. The gay clubs have WAY better music to dance to!

4. Motown Philly By Boyz II Men: Did I mention I grew up in the 90’s?

3. American Girl by Tom Petty: “Oh yeah! Alright! Take it easy, baby!” This song never ever gets old.

2. Badlands by Bruce Springsteen: Bruce is my favorite musician but I don’t generally think of his music as workout music. However, Badlands has the most absolute PERFECT timing that keeps my Arc training on beat at a really quick pace! Bonus points for transporting me back to the three concerts I’ve seen him at…that song gets the crowd pulsating!

1. Gonna Fly Now from the Rocky soundtrack: I may have mentioned that Rocky is my favorite movie of all time and that the music really gets me going. I’m not lying, really. All I have to do is hear those iconic first few notes of Gonna Fly Now and I become Rocky Balboa, running through the streets of Philly at dawn, punching slabs of meat and bounding up the steps at the art museum. Any song from the Rocky soundtracks will get me going but this one totally transports me to the streets of Philadelphia.

Weight something or other ~ Dave

Week 28 weight: 330.8
Week 31 weight: 334.6

Gain of 3.6 pounds whoops!

Total weight loss: 31.2 pounds.

Yeah and it’s about to get worse too.¬† Started the new job which involves more moving than the previous and I joined the gym.¬† So the muscle building is going to boost my weight for a bit till it gets under control and then the pounds should start melting off like butter.¬† Nasty nasty butter.

Loving the new job.  Sorry for the lack of posts, but been busy!

Choices ~ Rachel

Like I said in my weight post, I’m down 1.8lbs this week. How? For the life of me, I have no idea! I decided to share the choices I made this week with you in an effort to (a) put myself a little further out there,¬† (b) show you all that it’s not about perfection and (c) open my eyes to the bad habits that can oh so easily creep back in. So without further adieu, I give you my week of choices:

Tuesday: This was a day of good choices. I hit the gym for 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio and I ate right, staying within my points. Did I need the triple venti skinny latte from Starbucks? Probably not. But the only points come from the milk so I can’t say it’s a bad choice. I usually make good choices on Tuesdays since I come from my Weight Watchers meetings feeling empowered.

Wednesday: I ate 2 Weight Watchers ice cream candy bars and 1 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich today. I also picked up a rotisserie chicken from the store for dinner. Another bad choice? Not weighing out the correct portion. Oh yeah, and eating some of the crispy skin. That was my brother’s favorite part of the roasted chickens we had when we were kids. Maybe I was making up for all the times he got the skin instead of me? It wasn’t even that good!

Thursday:¬† First bad choice? Didn’t go to the gym. I can’t remember my excuse but that’s exactly what it was. My next bad choice came later that night. We had dinner with Dave’s sister’s family and his Mom to celebrate her birthday. Marlene made stuffed shells. I had 7. I’m not going to beat myself up over that one even though I probably could have done with about 4-5. Should I have eaten that piece of Texas Toast? Hell no…one slice is like 8 points. Should I have eaten the birthday cake? Sure…the first slice. I knew we were having birthday cake and it’s my favorite (chocolate cake with whipped cream icing and buttercream decorations) so I had planned for it. What I didn’t plan on was taking a piece home and EATING IT LATER THAT NIGHT while we watched a movie. The right choice would have been to drink some water since I wasn’t hungry. I made the wrong choice and ate cake…when I was already full. Geez.

Friday: I made it to the gym…60 minutes of Zumba that kicked my butt from here to Mexico. The day goes downhill from there. First bad choice? Not tracking anything except my breakfast. This bad choice continued through until this morning. Yep, 4 days of not even pretending to track my food. That night we went out to dinner and got BBQ. Instead of getting the one meat platter with 2 sides, I got the 2 meat platter. Instead of getting a salad or veggies, I got the cole slaw and fried okra!! Sheesh. At least they were veggies….sort of.

Saturday: First bad choice? I didn’t go to the gym. I woke up to my computer going all kaplooey (nasty malware got a hold of it) so I was stressed about that. Dave called from the dog park and informed me that Kharma was missing a chunk out of her ear and asked if I wanted coffee. Instead of saying no thank you I’m going to the gym like I planned, I said yes please and I’ll see you when you get home. Dave took care of the malware, I cleaned Kharma’s ear (she wasn’t missing a chunk…she got into some sticky substance that matted it down), and then I proceeded to putz around doing who knows what. That night I had plans to go out to dinner with a friend where I was going to get a healthy salad. The short version of the story is that I had a flat tire, Monica’s fiancee changed it to the almost flat donut and after filling it with air, we ended up at a pub within walking distance of the apartment in case the donut went flat on me. Did I get a salad there? Nope. What did I get you ask? The bacon bleu cheese burger with fries. Oh yeah, and we split a piece of cheesecake. Doh.¬† I completed my evening with two giant glasses of sangria. That was the only part of my original plan I stuck to. After all, you can’t have a girls’ night in (complete with painting nails and watching Bridget Jones AND Mamma Mia!) without sangria.

Sunday:¬† The malware was back on my computer. I think Dave brought me coffee again (not just coffee….the fancy stuff with actual points). Dave got us Taco Bell for dinner. Did I make the right choice and get the fresco menu items? Nope. I got a Mexican pizza, a 7 layer burrito and some double decker taco with sour cream oozing from it. Oh yeah, and as if that wasn’t enough, pintos and cheese. I actually couldn’t eat those. They were a snack on Monday.¬† It’s like I got all out of sorts and decided that I deserved to make the wrong choices because I was *having a bad weekend.*

Monday: Sadly, this was yesterday and I don’t remember much about it. My first bad choice? Not going to the gym. I’m pretty sure my choices the rest of the day weren’t fabulous.

See a trend here? Making a choice to skip the gym is BAD. Not tracking my food is BAD. Getting off of a routine and being stressed out…well, I need to cope a little bit better than I did this past week.

After re-reading all of the above, I can say I am quite disgusted with myself. And believe me, it’s not easy to admit to the internets and all you readers out there that I ate like 3 ice cream treats in one day…and to be perfectly honest, they were probably within 30 minutes of one another.

So this is the start of a new week of making better choices. I choose the gym. I choose tracking my food. I choose making better choices when eating out. I’ll revisit this later this week to let you know how I am doing.

PERSISTENCE….NOT Perfection.¬† That’s what I keep telling myself anyways.

My reality check ~ Rachel

Yesterday, I was kicking ass and taking names. I held my plank for a minute. I did lots of leg exercises and a ton of core exercises. Normally, I would be grumbling about that workout but since I was so awesome doing it, there is nothing to complain about it.

Today, I had my ass handed to me on a plate by a teeny tiny woman named Gigi. My cousin Ana joined me at the gym today because she wanted to try Zumba. I would occasionally catch glimpses of the class while on the Arc Trainer or the stationary bike and would giggle at the old ladies trying to shake what their mama gave them.  Little did I know I would be chomping down on some humble pie after taking the class.

Let me first offer an excuse of sorts. I had an 8:20 appointment with Dr. Josh (who hasn’t had to scrape my foot in two weeks whoot whoot). Zumba wasn’t until 9:30 and Ana wasn’t showing up til around 9:15am.¬† I hopped on the stationary bike and did 30 minutes on the alpine pass workout to kill some time. That was maybe a mistake.

Zumba was fun in that the music was awesome. Zumba was effective in that my heart rate hit the mid 170s in absolutely no time at all. I was drinking water after every single song. Zumba was hard (ok, that’s an understatement)¬† in that my body and my feet just don’t work that way!¬† I always say that I have rhythm but no coordination. Well, I’m not even sure anymore that I have rhythm! I luckily could not see myself in the mirror so I don’t know how horrible it was but let’s just say my answer to the question “So You Think You Can Dance” is pretty much a resounding “Oh hell no!”

The stereo broke after about 40 minutes. I was thinking “Oh good, I got a good workout in but I can go home now if I can walk to my car.” Gigi had other things in mind and told us to go get mats. Do you know what mats mean? CORE! We proceeded to do crunches and hip thrusts and things that my body didn’t want to do. There were push-ups…I did the granny push-ups b/c I suck at them soooo bad. I was sort of half assing it through everything except the crunches. Never in a million years would I have thought crunches would be my preferred exercise out of a set of any exercises! At 10:40, I finally decided that enough was enough and that I needed to get home (I had chicken thawing on the counter…yeah yeah yeah, I know that’s not the proper way to do it).

Now that I’m home, I realize the extent of what I did to my body yesterday and today. I hurt. And I don’t usually hurt the day of a workout. Know what this means? I might not get out of bed tomorrow. I have a long way to go folks. And while I’m ok with that, I think I will save Zumba for another day when it doesn’t hurt to shake my body.

Hope you all have a relaxing and cool weekend!