Before and after photos ~ Rachel and Dave

Sorry I’ve been MIA since we left for vacation. I can’t seem to get back into the swing of blogging…Dave is always reminding me to post and then I forget to do it!

Anyways…as Dave will tell you down below, we are going to my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month. I assumed I needed to go shopping for a dress, because I didn’t think I had anything in the closet that would work. Well, I peeked in the closet and saw a dress that I bought years ago and have never worn. It never really fit me…and if it did fit me, I (for whatever reason) didn’t feel confident enough to wear it. Well, I tried it on. It fit. In fact, by the end of September, it might even be a little loose…but I will work with safety pins if I have to. I was so excited that I could wear this dress because I seriously love it. The thought of shoe shopping for it didn’t thrill me, but I would deal with it!

That whole dress situation…coupled with Dave trying on (and getting rid of) all of his clothes…made me want to do before and after photos. I knew my physical changes weren’t quite as dramatic as Dave, but they were still something. So I dug up a couple of pictures and tried on the old clothes. With my weight loss, the most dramatic change is in my butt and legs. I put on the size 22 jeans I was keeping as a frame of reference and they were, um, a tad LOOSE. I had some serious droopy drawers. The dress was a bit big too. So all in all, I felt pretty good about all of that! Check out the evidence below.

I can’t wait to wear my fancy dress and the awesome shoes I got to go with it and stand next to my handsome husband who is going to be stylin’ at my cousin’s wedding in a few weeks. Just wait until you see THOSE pictures!

Oh yeah…as of weigh-in this past Saturday, I’m down a total of 58lbs since the beginning of February!

Rachel before and after

And now it is my turn!!!  Alright so this past weekend we went through all of my clothes in the closet.  The reason being is I had a fair amount that were too big and people kept telling me as such.  Plus in Weight Watchers they tell us not to keep the too big clothes for that “in case you need it again” way of thinking.  All that does is give you an excuse to relapse.

So we were going through everything.  Rachel’s cousin is getting married at the end of September and that meant I had to try on dress clothes as well.  Now first off, I HATE dress clothes.  I get to work in t-shirts and jeans and I could not be happier.  But I digress.  So it was time to try on the dreaded dress clothes.  Everything was a bit large which was not bad honestly, it was a nice confidence booster.  Then we go to the suit and shirt I wore to Rachel’s step brothers wedding in 2009.  If you look at the picture the suit and shirt were tight back then.  On that note I will let the picture speak for itself.

Dave before and after

So needless to say it does not fit anymore.  It also means I had to go clothes shopping which always sucks.  But Rachel and I came up with a really cool outfit for me that I am excited to wear and will share once pictures of it surface!

Also this past weigh in I was down 3.4 pounds for a total loss of 82.2 pounds!!!!  Rockin!

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