Vacation is over ~ Dave

So Rachel and I made it through the insanity of our vacation and the few weeks leading up to it.  And as nice as it was to not be at work and to be relaxing, I am also glad to be home.  But let’s recap.

Rachel’s dad planned a vacation for his family which included her dad and step-mother, biological brother and his daughter, her step-sister and her husband and daughter, her step-brother and his wife and their son and daughter and us.  We got in our car and headed down to St. Augustine for the first leg of the trip where we met everyone but Rachel’s brother who was flying.  It was a long drive and a bit stressful especially when Rachel was behind the wheel.  She is a bit of a crazy driver but is much less vocal than myself.  Then the next day we hit the “outlet” mall before the final leg of the trip to Palm Beach.  I put outlet in quotes as it no longer means what it used to.  Most if not all the stores are just regular stores with a small clearance section.  When I was growing up an outlet mall meant it was all close out specials and sales.  We did pick up a few things, Rachel found some new clothes at Lane Bryant and she learned she was a smaller size than she thought!!  I got a new Star Wars t-shirt in my soon to be smaller size (it is so close to fitting) and of course we hit up Yankee Candle and grabbed some Coconut Bay candles though one broke in transport.  I also had to hit up a 7-11 for a slurpee which was a childhood favorite.  I got the Strawberry Lemonade and the first words out of my mouth were it tastes like Sugar and Diabeetus!


We got to the Marriott in Palm Beach and got checked in and moved in.  We were sharing a 2 bedroom villa with her dad and step-mom and the siblings with kids all shared a 3 room villa.  From our room we could see part of the pool and a sliver of ocean but from the 3 room it had a full ocean view.  Thankfully this was also the party room as once the little ones went to bed they would sleep through near anything!  Here is a picture of the view from the party room.


The rest of our vacation went like this.  Wake up, workout or jog, breakfast, pool, lunch, pool and beer, dinner, drinking and games.  It was a hell of a routine to upkeep I will say that.  All hat lounging at the pool was tough.  For the most part Rachel and I stuck to our points as best we could.  Beer got the best of me though and once I got drinking I also got snacking.  But we were on vacation so I was not sweating it honestly.

As for exercise we did the following.  One morning we went to the beach and walked and did jog a little bit in the surf.  It actually was not too bad and we did not hate ourselves for it.  The next day we went to the resort gym which was very very hot.  There was little moving air and it just got stuffy in there really fast, so we went the one time only.  I started the Couch to 5k program I downloaded: Zombie 5k.  It is a cool game as not only does it train you for a 5k, but it also has a story to it.  I was able to finish two days of the Zombie 5k and each day walked and jogged 2.3 miles average.  Two other days Rachel went out walking and jogging with me and that was fun.  The only downfall to this outdoor activity was that come 7am it was close to 90 degrees outside and probably 85% humidity or higher.  I would come back soaked from head to toe.

One night Rachel’s dad and step-mother watched the little ones so all of the siblings could go out together.  We walked down the street to Johnny Longboats.  It was a typical seafood bar/restaurant on the beach.  It was fully opened to the air flow from outside and the decor was your typical “fancy” dive.  The food was also rather good and I did okay.  I got a boil which was tasty except it was drowned in some thick butter sauce which actually detracted from the taste.  Rachel had the grouper in a bag and she loved it and we ended with a key lime tart which was good except for the neon green sauce that was on top of it.

dinner out

Thursday we had to check out and our trip took us to Orlando for a night to see some old friends.  We met everyone at Raglan Road which is our favorite destination in Downtown Disney.  It was great to catch up and see people, but sadly our trip was at an end.


Friday we drove back and here is where things got interesting…  First off traffic was a steady nightmare, no one could figure their head from their ass and they surely showed it while driving.  Second off, our lunch meat had gone south a day or two previous so we had to toss it.  This meant food on the road.  We toyed around in the Weight Watchers app to look for something that was okay that sounded good.  We settled on Popeye’s as I loved it when I lived in Florida and you can’t get it in NC.  Plus the points value was not horrid.  Keep in mind it had been about 9 months since we had fast food and it was tasty, but so salty!  Well my body rejected it once we got home.  I thought we had just visited Mexico and I drank a few gallons of the water.  Never ever ever again!  I will say my body is happy to be back to our normal food intake.

Happily our lives are back to normal.  We did weigh in and I was up 3.4 pounds.  For two weeks that was not bad and it all ended up being water weight as that plus more has since dropped off.  I have also completed week 1 of Zombie 5k but the GPS on my phone can’t handle the track at the gym and therefore my total mileage is rather off.  If I had to guess I would state I have hit just over 7 miles in the 3 days I did the program.  Rachel is promising a post on Friday so here is to hoping.

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  • biz319  On August 20, 2013 at 11:23 am

    Glad you guys had such a good time on vacation! And McDonald’s quarter pounders are like a colon cleanse for me. I have one once a year, it tastes great going down, but within an hour I’ll be sitting on the toilet!

    • dweber77  On August 24, 2013 at 8:59 pm

      I could never do a McD’s burger again. I think the closest I can get to fast food again would be Bojangles or Popeye’s and Popeye’s def was a colon cleanse.

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