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I had a hard time thinking of a post.  My brain is mush recently and our vacation is less than a week away.  I need this vacation!!  I have busted my ass this year at work and in life and I need some me time.  Granted my me time will involve running on the beach in the mornings.  That should be fun though both of my older pairs of Brooks are about to have holes in the bottom, so it does not matter which one I ruin.  (Goodbye shoes, you served me well!)  And I am going to do as much as I can in our room with my core and legs, squats and planks here I come!!!  But I digress.

First let’s start off with the weight loss.  I weighed in without Rachel this past weekend as she was in Bethesda for a conference.  It’s a shame she wasn’t there.  Because I lost 3.8 pounds. That brings my Weight Watchers total loss to 41.8 and my overall total to 75 pounds even!!!  Woo go me!!  And I am slowly catching up to Rachel for weight lost on WW, muahahahah.  Though I will say she is amazing and keeps kicking ass and taking names on her weigh ins.  I am noticing a trend where I have a big loss one week and the next a very small loss, rinse and repeat.  Annoying yes, but at least I have recognized the trend and am not getting flustered by it.

As I was reading my daily sites today I cam across this image:

Look at that folks and let it all sink in!  Really think about what the diet industry has trained people to think and eat!  It’s ridiculous and infuriating!  On top of it there was an article about how fast food could be healthy and I think Rachel wanted to post on that.  But then I found this damn OP-ED about how the Double Cheeseburger from McDonald’s is the best thing ever!  http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/the_greatest_food_human_history_5bikMtD5ZJ50x1KMCyGfTJ  NO NO NO NO NO!!!  And some of the topics this hits on are true and maybe I do get on my high horse about fresh produce and foods.  But one thing it infers is that the average person does not have time to prepare dinners from fresh food.  This is not true.  Rachel and i both work and she finds time to make our dinners ahead of time.  I make breakfast in the morning after getting up early and taking the dogs out.  Now yes there are some cases where there is not time, I will admit some people really do have it hard, but there is always a point in time where you could pre-make some meals and have healthier options.

Okay off the high horse and on to the title.  I will make this quick as I do not have all the details.  So I had an idea and told Rachel about it.  She likes the idea.  My goal is once I figure out my goal weight and I reach it, we go on a trip somewhere awesome with a jungle or mountain forests and we find a zip line place to go through or over said forest/jungle.  Heights scare the crap out of me when standing, but sitting it’s not an issue and being strapped into that harness sure will help.  So that is my goal!

Have a great week folks, I know i will as we get to go to Beer, Bourbon and BBQ on Friday night!  Woot!!

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  • biz319  On July 31, 2013 at 10:52 am

    My husband and I notice the last couple of grocery store visits that we didn’t buy one processed food – it is a racket, isn’t it? Green=healthy on a package – sadly, people don’t read the tiny print.

    My sisters co-worker wanted her to figure out the calories for her friends “healthy” cookies – because they had almond butter and chick peas in them. Um, turns out there was also a cup of sugar and a stick of butter in the cookies – each one turned out to be 194 calories, and she would routinely eat 5 or 6 because she thought they were healthy because they had almond butter in them.

    WOOP ON 75 POUNDS LOST! You are taking names!!

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