Sometimes you want more, but there’s less ~ Dave

Rachel hates the commercial that that line is from.  She will probably kill me for using it.  I do see she just posted so I am actually posting this a day later than intended.  But the past few weeks seem noteworthy.

1) Not this past weigh in but the one before was in my eyes utter blah.  I had lost 0.8 pounds.  Yeah it was a still a loss, but I expect so much more from my body especially when I work so hard.  But I had worked late the night before and was all stressed out about multiple things.  (We got to meet Weird Al, my childhood hero, and the place was crowded.  Crowds freak me right the hell out.  I was already stressed from work so my body went into cortisol overdrive.)  It was not crushing just blah.  My goal is to lose 10% of my weight by Rachel’s birthday.  What better present than a skinnier, healthier, sexier husband.  Except maybe jewelry…

2) I worked just as hard and really stuck to everything and this past weigh in was 5.6 pounds down… BOOM!!  I am slowly but surely catching up to Rachel.  As I have lost 33.2 pounds and she has lost 44.  My goal is to catch her and pass her because I am a competitive person.  I am only 2.8 pounds from 10% lost of my WW starting weight.  All in all I have actually lost 66 pounds.

3) I am an addict for exercise now.  I go to the gym 5 days a week.  Sometimes I see my trainer once a week and some weeks I see her a second time with Rachel.  On top of that I walk at work daily, I walk the dogs in the morning three times a week, I walk around the outside of the dog park 4 days a week and finally on Sundays we go for a 2+ mile walk.  I am now doing things I thought impossible like a 700 rep workout in about 30 minutes which included squats, back rows, dead lifts, push ups, side crunches and penguins.  All of this is helping me get better in shape for the day I get my bike in about a month or two.

I think that is about all for the update.  Rachel is doing awesome and she looks fantabulous!  I look good, though my gut is barely shrinking and is actually holding me back from newer clothes.  But our motto goes “I accept myself unconditionally, right now!”

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  • biz319  On July 9, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Yep, unfortunately the scale can’t give you what you want, when you want it, no matter how hard you’ve worked. Salt intake, stress, etc. can fluctuate your weight so much – just look at the big picture – and that picture looks great! -66 pounds Dave? So proud of you! Keep up the walks and hitting the gym hard. 😀

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