Who the, what the, where the? ~ Dave

So this place has been silent since March 3rd. I am only here to fill in some small gaps for those of you that actually read this and are not spammers.

1) In blog news, I now require all comments get approved.  There were a few spam comments and I am trying to avoid that.

2) Rachel is still hard at work on her dissertation.  She has turned in the first draft of her fist article, now she just needs to fine tune it and submit it then begin her second and final article.  She is looking at being a PhD before the year is out. (Bout time.)  I feel like I will need a shirt that states “My wife finished her PhD and all I got was this lousy shirt.”

3) Weight loss has been null and void.  After the honeymoon and with things getting busy we both gained.  We had stopped weight watchers and tried things on our own.  This went okay except we, especially me, have no willpower.  So in an effort to fix things we have actually cleared out almost all processed food out of our house.  I am now doing protein shakes for breakfast, going to the gym 3 – 4 times a week and have started eating green things like lettuce and spinach.  Weird I know!  Rachel is trying her hardest to get moving again, but she got turf toe!  All she did was go to BodyFlow a few times and she got turf toe.  I knew I was marrying a gimp, but geez.

4) In going back through the blog, I noticed my weight loss was all over the place.  Small amounts, large amounts, up, down and stagnant.  Now we might know why.  Went to my doctor for a yearly physical and he made me do a blood test.  I HATE needles and acted like a 5 year old the whole time.  But two weeks later the tests came back and I have hypo-thyroidism.  So I am on a daily synthroid.  Last weekend I ate like “crap” due to a weird funk I was in and I lost 2.2 pounds over the weekend.  So I am excited to see what this does in the long run and how effective it might be.

5) On that same note I hate my doctor right now.  I found out via my pharmacy calling to tell me I had a perscription waiting that there was an issue with my Thyroid.  I called my doctor and left a voicemail for him and then an hour later I get the email with all of my test results.  That was a tad unprofessional to say the least.

6) My two year goal is to still run in the Run for Your Lives 5k or something like it.  MY one year or less goal is to get my bike and teach Darwin how to run next to it.  That way I can take him and go for longs rides.  I started jogging, which at 376lbs is not an easy thing on the shins and when I do jog, he LOVES it!  He gets real excited when I ask him if he is ready and his tail goes bonkers!  So I think biking will be good for him.

7) And finally, in breaking and shocking news, I LOVE QUINOA!

I might post more often than we have been.  I am not sure yet as it all depends on my free time and how I use it.  And who knows when Rachel will begin posting again, but she will when she finishes.  Then we can all call her PhD Ranch!

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  • biz319  On August 22, 2012 at 10:35 am

    Dave, you should definitely get that t-shirt! I am with you on the up and down. I started my blog nearly 4 years ago at 168 pounds. I’ve had weight loss and weight gain and guess how much I weigh today? 168!

    I had a shitty diabetes doctor when I first had to take insulin – she told me “take 4 units of insulin at breakfast, 5 for lunch and 5 for dinner.” My blood sugars still hovered in the 300s!

    I went back, she accused me of not taking my medicine, but what she didn’t tell me to do was take 4 units of insulin for EVERY 5 grams of carbs I was eating!

    Thankfully she moved out of state, and I love my new doctor. Hang in there Dave and tell Rachel I said hello!

  • myjourneytofit  On August 22, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    Thanks for the update – sounds like you two are doing well, aside from turf toe and thyroid…although, wouldn’t that be wonderful, to get it straightened out with meds and drop weight easily?? 🙂

  • biz319  On August 23, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Dave – I thought of you when I saw this recipe – sounds delicious!


    • dweber77  On October 3, 2012 at 7:38 am

      Biz, Rachel made them and has made them again. It is the only leftover I will take to work!

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