I’m a Mrs. Now! ~ Rachel

Hello my blog friends! Dave and I are back from our honeymoon…for a week now…and I figured that I better get something on the blog before you all forget about us! It turns out that when a wedding is over, a somewhat lengthy wedding to-do list still exists:  sorting through piles, cleaning out the closet that had become our dumping grounds, thank you notes, emails to vendors, catching up with people, photos, a million surveys from vendors that I can’t say no to…I’m trying to ease back into life but I think I better jump back in at full speed or laziness will just take over!

I think I might slip in some wedding stuff at the end of each new post in the coming couple of weeks, especially as we get pictures in. Otherwise, you’ll go into wedding overload!

Before I get to a glimpse of our wedding, I’ll give you the non-wedding update. It’s not pretty.

Our eating has been atrocious and I have yet to get back to the gym. We threw all caution to the wind at the wedding and during the honeymoon…it was the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot after all.

I have an appointment this morning with Isaiah (my trainer) but I’m not feeling so hot so I think I might ask him if we can do some basic stuff like stretching…I’m hoping he can teach me some yoga type moves! My plan is go back to WW this week and start counting points on Thursday. I’ll get back to the gym regularly after that.

Returning to work has been a bit of a nightmare. Within an hour of entering my office, I could tell my blood pressure had risen. By the end of the day, I was nauseated and had a headache. The short story is that things blew up a little while I was gone…one person got a little nasty…and our data manager decided to give her notice. Every time someone leaves that position, I end up having to take over and it consumes me (more than work does now). The job sucks the life out of people! So I’m battling that right now and working on my use of the word no. My boss was in such a tizzy about the resignation that she emailed me a few times this weekend and then decided to call me yesterday afternoon when I didn’t email back. There are clearly some boundaries that need to be reset!

Ok…enough of that grossness. Below are a few pictures from the wedding that I grabbed from my Aunt’s Facebook page. We haven’t gotten any professional pictures back yet and I don’t have any actual wedding pictures! I have pictures from everything else though….and you’ll eventually see those.

Rehearsal Dinner

Entering the Reception

First Dance

First Dance

Step Mom Joyce, Cousin Ana, Best Friend Becky, Me, Mom Deborah, Best Friend Angela, Step Sister Beth

Let me clarify that Dave is not a shriner…the fez in one of the above pictures is a nod to Doctor Who. Just go with it 🙂

Overall, we had no major issues with the wedding and everything was wonderful. And a blur! Over the coming blog posts, I’ll tell you all about it! Until then…well, I’m off to the gym!


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  • Shelley B  On November 14, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    How crazy that life is still a whirlwind after the wedding! Hope things calm down for you soon, and your work situation gets better. That does not sound good – life is too short for a job to consume you!

    Love seeing the bits of the wedding – looks like it was a blast!

  • Biz  On November 28, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Work has consumed me these past few weeks – I barely have time to read any blogs but after today I should be back to normal. Working 12-14 hour days, working over Thanksgiving weekend, the last thing I want to do when I get home is get online!

    Give yourself a break with the eating on your wedding and honeymoon – you only get to do that once in a lifetime!

    Hugs to you and Dave – you look beautiful!! Talk to you soon Rachel! 😀

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