Weekly Weigh In, New Trainer Edition ~ Rachel

Well, I was up 1 pound at weigh in this morning. Whatever. I kind of knew it was coming, especially since we had ice cream the night before. Am I concerned? Nope. My body is trying to figure itself out again.

I tracked everything today and did both cardio and strength training at the gym. This morning was my first session with Isaiah. I gave him all my disclaimers (right foot, left knee, overall klutz) and also informed him that my ass needed to go away if I am to fit into my wedding gown in less than 2 months (OMG!). Isaiah is creative when it comes to exercises. What I liked about his approach was that two different exercises targeting two different muscle groups would be put together in one total exercise. It allowed for higher reps without fatigue.

Slide Board

For example, I had to do lateral arm raises (which I did with 5lb weights first but then with 8lb weights). After each later raise, I had to kick my legs backwards, keeping them straight, one at a time in order to work the hamstrings and butt. I did 20 reps in each set! The other exercise that almost killed me was the slide board. With my feet together, I had to punch the air with two 5lb weights (one arm at a time). I then had to slide a foot out to the side, punch the air again and then return to feet together. This was not easy! The slide board was SLIPPY! My arms were most definitely getting tired and my sliding was…well, I’m lucky I didn’t pull anything or end up in a split!

I also got to do fire hydrants….I was trying to channel Darwin (my boy dog who sometimes tries to lift his leg too high to pee that he almost falls over) but instead may have channeled Richard Simmons:

I made it through the workout without too much pain. Isaiah asked if it any pain I felt was bearable. I said yes. I will have to rethink that answer in the future LOL. I definitely felt like I got in a good workout. And I was sweating buckets. And my legs are a little jello-like tonight.

I see Isaiah again on Monday…8:30am on Mondays is my new training time. Maybe starting the week off getting my ass handed to me will be a good thing.

Dave was a little upset that Isaiah went easy on me (“easy” being a relative term here). Isaiah said he had to feel me out and didn’t want to scare me LOL. I think I might be in trouble on Monday morning.

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  • Shelley B  On September 1, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    That picture of Richard Simmons is a little frightening, even for him!

    I think trainers HAVE to go somewhat easy on you the first time or you’ll never go back. That said, it sounds like a tough workout! Good going, Rachel!

  • marsial2010  On September 2, 2011 at 7:24 am

    Oh, I wish I could do that leg lift thing — my butt needs a lot of tightening after not getting much exercise in the past few months. Unfortunately, that sciatica problem I’m having makes that kind of move impossible. Stick with it Rachel, we need to see those wedding photos!

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