Which Would You Rather Eat? ~Rachel

Detox is going pretty well. I just started week 3 and have had very minor issues with added ingredients. I also managed to find a loophole in the system…I ate potato chips last night! Lays has a natural line out with no preservatives or like ingredients. The ingredient list was potato, sunflower seed oil and sea salt….all things I can eat! A lot of the potato chips on the market are cooked in canola oil which Doc doesn’t want me to have. But sunflower oil is ok! They were fabulously salty 🙂

Dave and I had ground turkey tacos last night. Well, Dave had tacos. I had turkey taco meat on top of brown rice with tomatoes and avocado. Here are the ingredient lists for two different taco seasonings…which would you rather have?

Ol El Paso 40% Less Sodium: Maltodextrin, salt, chili pepper, onion powder, MSG, corn starch, garlic powder, spice. Contains less than 2% of partially hydrogenated soybean oil, silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), natural flavor, ethoxyquin (preservative).

Savory Spice Shop Taco Seasoning: Masa Harina, salt, chiles, tomato powder, garlic, cumin, California paprika, onion, white sugar, Mexican oregano and allspice.

As I was typing all this out, I realized I made two mistakes with the Savory Spice Taco Seasoning. I *now* know that masa harina is finely ground corn flour. Oops. We’re also going to ignore the fact that there is white sugar in it too. Oops again. Oh well. I’m sure it’s a teeny tiny amount that I consumed. I’ll stay away from it for the rest of detox. But you know what? It’s a helluva lot better than the crap that comes in envelopes.

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  • biz319  On August 22, 2011 at 10:22 am

    I loves me some potato chips – hard to stop at one serving though! Um, pretty sure I like the second taco seasoning better. I make my own taco seasoning – it’s pretty good!


    Happy Monday Rachel (hi Dave!)

  • Autumnrose  On August 22, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    I love chips! I was hooked on Terra Zesty Tomato Chips….and then I read the ingredients list. Pfffflllllttt!!!! My choice of the two taco mixes would be the second, but like Biz I make my own taco seasoning.

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