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So it’s not often I write anything except my weekly weigh in.  But as some of my FB friends know, I post a lot of s**t.  I wanted to bring some of that here as it tends to be health related or something of that nature.

1) This is a battle I am facing currently.  I have gone 2 weeks at work now and this will be my second weekend where my pop intake has dropped from a 12 pack a week to maybe 2 or 3 on the weekends.  And last weekend I had a Pepsi Max and it tasted horrid!!!!  Why did I do this?  Because I read this article: Study: Drinking diet soda actually causes weight gain, blood sugar spikes.

Now you may wonder why I am battling it if I am down to only a few cans a weekend.  Well turns out, all the pop I was drinking before was just adding to a kidney stone I had.  A long time ago I was told I had one rather large stone.  If I let it be, it would break apart slowly and I would deal with one small stone once or twice per year.  I was okay with that as I had really bad insurance.  Well turns out when I removed soda as a main part of my diet, added even more water and tea it dislodged the whole dang thing, or it feels like it did.

2) As many of you know, I quit smoking forever a month ago.  I went on Chantix and it has worked really well.  Do I still get cravings?  Yes I do.  But for anyone out there that smokes and is thinking of quitting, used to smoke, or anyone that just wants a good laugh.  Then this one is for you.  I will say when I tried quitting cold turkey, this was 100% true!!!  How to quit smoking in 30 easy steps.

3) Do you like to run?  Do you like obstacle courses?  Do you love horror movies?  Then this next link is for you.  My one or two year goal is to get in enough shape to do this.  Even if it means travelling to Baltimore if they are unable to expand it.  Run for Your Lives!


4) Finally I am adding a photo at the end.  Because I thought it spoke a lot to the ups and downs of weight loss.  Do all of you remember Jared from the subway commercials?  I sure do.  He was a big boy and he lost a lot of weight.  He was a role model to a lot of people.  Then again if I ate Subway as often as he did, I would have crapped out the weight, no need to walk to the local store.  (There is an ingredient in their bread that a lot of people are allergic to.  I am one of those people as is Rachel.  If you get sick to your stomach after eating Subway, you are allergic to it as well!!)  But I digress and need to make my point.  So I guess his Subway contract ran out and he is shopping around for a new one!

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