Anti-Inflammatory Detox Diet ~ Rachel

Monday begins my 21 day detoxification program. It’s an anti-inflammatory elimination diet that will help us figure out if there is a food, or foods, contributing to the inflammation in my body and all the pain I’m in.  Below is the basics of what I can and cannot eat.

Foods I Can’t Eat Foods I Can Eat
Caffeine Chicken/turkey/lamb/fish
Alcohol Fruits (fresh or frozen only)
Soda Veggies (fresh or frozen only)
Dairy Brown rice/wild rice/millet/quinoa/buckwheat/lentils
Wheat/Gluten Beans
Corn & corn products Eggs/goat cheese
Soy & soy products Olive oil/flax seed oil/coconut oil
Peanuts & peanut butter Nuts, except peanuts
Beef/pork/shellfish/canned or processed meat Herbal tea/green tea/water/almond or rice milk

So basically, I will subsist on eggs, nuts, chicken, fruits, veggies and quinoa. My favorite salad recipe, Black Bean & Tomato Quinoa Salad, will work into this plan just fine…I just have to leave out the butter and make my black beans over the stove instead of opening up a can.  I’m trying to figure out how to make hummus without using canned chickpeas (anyone got any ideas?).

Breakfasts will likely consist of an omelet with spinach, tomato and goat cheese…or whatever veggies I have ready…and some fruit.

Lunches will probably be a lot of leftovers…maybe some hummus and veggies….definitely Black Bean & Tomato Quinoa Salad…probably some salads with chicken or hard boiled eggs on them.

Dinner will most likely be chicken or fish with veggies and some sort of starch like brown rice, quinoa or potato.

Snacks will be fruit, some sort of “cracker” with fresh salsa or guacamole and plenty of nuts and nut butters.

Does anyone have any good recipes that fit into the criteria above? These 3 weeks could get very interesting…and I thought meal planning and food prep was difficult before! Sheesh.

The gluten and corn free chips I found...I hate lentils so we shall see how these taste!

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  • dweber77  On August 4, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    You can do it!! And when the heck did ads show up on this?

  • Jaclyn  On August 4, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    this isn’t bad at all. i’m actually really excited for you. there are some really tasty gluten-free breads out there these days so you can make a sandwich – no problem. i do a 30-day cleanse every year that consists of ONLY fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and legumes for the first 11 days. after, you can add in lean meats like chicken and turkey. compared to that – your diet will be a breeze! 🙂

    i found it really helpful to prepare a few things on the wknds to have on hand for the week:
    1- roast a chicken or turkey on the wknd so i’d have easy leftovers during the week for lunch … or to toss into a frittata for beaskfast. 2 – make a soup to have on hand. i like to use the carcass from the chicken i roasted so i have a “clean” broth. very easy! toss in the veggies you like, along w/ that roasted chicken and youre set. (i like to make 2 or 3 soups on the wknd so i have variety. i freeze them in serving sizes so if i’m in a pinch or dont like what i planned to take for lunch that day, i can toss it a bag and walk out the door.) 3- make your own “clean” marinara sauce. you can pour this over spaghetti squash and you have an all-veggie dish. 4 – chia seed pudding is a must if you are allowed almond milk. so good, so easy, and so safe for your cleanse. 5- my grocery store sells VIP organic frozen veggies, packaged in single-serving size they are great! i think its 3 single-serving packages in one bag. these come in so handy when i just want a quick snack or side to finish a meal. i stock up on a few varieties so i dont get bored w/ just green beans or just carrots. the medley is pretty tasty and i have even added them to soup before. 6 – dont hate the lentil. 😉 there are some really great lentil soups out there that will fit into your diet. then, last but not least, 7 – kale chips! as well as sweet potato chips. if you need any recipes, lemme know.

    oh, and you can buy fresh or dried garbanzo beans/chickpeans to make hummus. have fun making your own salad dressings too. … i knew i was forgetting something … i make a big salad at the start of the week and eat off that as well. add herbs, nuts, sprouts, goat cheese if you like them to mix things up a bit.

    and one last thought then i’ll stop taking up so much room. i didnt see potatoes on either list so i’m guessing you can have them? make a veggie hash and then fry an egg over it. so yummy. good luck!

    • Rachel Palmieri  On August 6, 2011 at 4:05 pm

      Thanks for all the tips, Jaclyn! Yep…I can eat potatoes (whew)…there will be plenty of sweet potato eating going on! I am allowed almond milk and am curious about this chia seed pudding…do you have a recipe for it?

      I’m not sure I’ll become a fan of the lentil because of this but I will keep an open mind! Kale chips on the other hand…I don’t like fresh kale so much so I imagine the chips wouldn’t be a hit.

      I’m willing to try most everything…except olives and beets…those are the 2 foods I hate in this world. Everything else is fair game!

      • Jaclyn  On August 6, 2011 at 9:24 pm

        chia seed pudding is a fav of mine. you can mix in different things to change the flavor. here is a basic recipe:

        3/4 cup chia seeds
        2 cups almond milk
        add stevia, agave, or whatever “safe” sweetener you like to fit your sweetness preference.

        combine all ingredients together and mix …. keep mixing … keep mixing. then set in the fridge for as little as 15 minutes or overnight. the seeds will absorb the liquid and plump to look like tapioca pudding. mine keeps in the fridge for about 3 days.

        you can change things up by mixing in different ingredients: nut butters, vanilla, cinnamon, dried coconut, nuts, or organic cocoa powder.

        i was lazy this week and didnt feel like mixing a ton of things in so just used chocolate almond milk w/ a little stevia. delish!

        * i’m not much of a fresh-kale-fan either but do LUV kale chips. you dont taste the bitterness once you season and bake the kale pieces. here is the link to the recipe i use: OR

        just to mix things up, ive used season salt or garlic salt in place of sea salt, or made spicy chips by using paprika and cayenne. oregano and garlic is a nice combo too. good luck!

  • biz319  On August 4, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    Let me see what I can come up with – hooray for goat cheese!

    I got your Rachael Ray tear out today in the meal – THANK YOU! Cannot wait to make all three dishes – I think they will all be on my lunch menu next week.!

  • Shelley B  On August 4, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    This sounds like a challenge, but you can totally do it – luckily it’s summer and there is such a variety of fresh fruit and veggies available. Why can’t you have canned black beans – soduim?

    • Rachel Palmieri  On August 6, 2011 at 4:07 pm

      I think Doc is mixing concepts with this detox diet. First…I have to restrict what foods I can eat. Then, for the foods I can eat, he wants me to consume the freshest and highest quality versions….so dried beans rather than canned (yep, b/c of sodium)…wild salmon instead of farm raised…real instead of processed. There is only so much my time and budget will allow though. I’ll do the best I can!

  • Deb  On August 5, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Hey Rachel, I have been dairy, soy, egg and beef free for about 15 months (as it turns out Benjamin has intolerances to all of these and to breastfeed, I had to remove them from my diet)…..anyway, I will try to make a list of some of the products that we have been using. But I highly recommend hemp milk….it has a lot of omegas and actually doesn’t taste terrible (and seems to work in cooking). Good luck! Eliminating multiple foods is tough….but once you do it for a while you figure out a lot of options. Check out the Enjoy life products….at least some should meet your needs.

    • Rachel Palmieri  On August 6, 2011 at 4:07 pm

      Thanks, Deb! I’ll try hemp milk next time…it definitely sounds interesting 🙂

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