Weekly Weigh In, Gimp Edition ~ Rachel

I thought I did mostly good in terms of food and tracking this past week. I wasn’t perfect and we did have a very nice dinner out on Saturday with my Dad, stepmom and Dave’s Mom that included she-crab soup, wine, salmon (which was the healthiest thing on the menu and very good), mashed potatoes and…key lime pie, my favorite. I may have forgotten to write down the she-crab soup but did guesstimate the rest.

Tens Unit: The electrodes go on either side of my achilles tendon, right above it and higher up on the calf muscle. Then I zap 🙂

As you all know by now, my feet are a never ending source of pain and frustration. Once Doc fixed my left foot, the right foot began having the same problems. Well, we’ve been scraping and ultrasounding and icing and rolling. This week has been pretty bad. Luckily, my insurance finally approved a tens unit. So for the past several days, I’ve been hooked up to my tens unit all day, except when I’m rolling my foot or my leg or icing. I’m not entirely sure it all is helping. I can tell that the problem is really my achilles tendon and my calf but there is only so much rolling I can do! In fact, my calf muscles almost seems tighter AFTER I roll (does anyone else have that problem?). That all goes to say that my exercise has been a little lackluster this week. I had a hard time getting through my workout on Monday, more from fatigue (from I don’t know where) than my foot. The past couple of days I’ve been home nursing everything. Today I managed to do 30 minutes on the elliptical without too much pain. I’m zapping my foot and leg as I type LOL! Tomorrow I have strength training with Jana, followed by some cardio. We’ll see how it goes. I wonder if I could ride the elliptical with the tens unit on?

Anyways…I was down 0.6lbs at weigh in this morning.

I have nothing “social” planned between now and next weigh-in so I plan on gimping my way to the gym until then, managing and tracking all my food, and most definitely staying within my points. I have to see some better numbers on the scale if I want to get in to my dress!

And since I have a light calendar, I’m hoping to catch up on the blog some. I am very well aware that I’ve been neglecting it!

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  • biz319  On July 28, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    I used to have terrible heel pain and calf pain, turns out I had plantar fasciitis, and I had inserts made for my shoes – they hurt like hell the first few days I wore them, but now if I go a few days without them (like when I wear flip flops or sandles) the pain starts coming back.


    Glad you are going to have a quiet weekend – I have twinfest with my twin sister and our best friends that are twins – there birthday is coming up but I am going to be in Virginia so we’ll be celebrating early – I am bringing my cherry salsa and veggies and will try to hold myself to one piece of deep dish pizza!

  • Shelley B  On July 29, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    Constant pain can cause fatigue, so maybe that’s while you were feeling so worn out. I hope you get some relief from it soon – that is just not fun to be dealing with all the time!

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