Miami Vice minus Crockett ~ Dave

I may be being hard on myself, but that can be a good thing once in awhile.  Right?  I am not being too hard on myself though at least.  But yes, essentially I am calling myself Tubbs.

I only put on 0.2 pounds, but to me it feels like a lot.  Part of the problem is my clothes have been shrinking since the first wash, it is apparent and that is not due to anything except the normal wear and tear of fabric in a washer and dryer.  So that is not helping at all.  Rachel can attest to this as all of my shirts are much shorter than before.  Where as a month or so ago when I was heavier they fit about the same.

The other part of my problem is my daily point value.  I am sure Rachel just rolled her eyes.  I get 71 points a day, 71!!!!!!  There are times I can hit that easy, when I drink beer.  But I am not drinking beer every day.  Now there are days where I have 20+ points left.  I can usually whittle it down to the teens.  But it is hard to do.  I am not hungry.  I have no real desire to put any more food in my mouth or have a beer or mixed drink.  This is where the argument starts.  Rachel feels that because I do not hit my points, then that is why I am having low losses or minor gains.  I feel as long as I feel satisfied, then it is all good.

So where do I stand?

I am tired of the back and forth.  I feel I am right, because well I am. 🙂  Rachel feels she is right because there is a science behind the point system.  Damn her and her science and damn both of us for our stubbornness.  It’s actually bordering on the verge of discouraging at times, but I have been a bit cranky recently for some reason.

I know why I had a gain this week.  I went back over my points and Saturday hit my daily and ate up the last of my weekly plus a few extra.  It was my fault.  But that is not the overall and underlying point.

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  • biz319  On July 28, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    There was some discussion at a WW meeting a few weeks ago, where a man said it was hard for him to get in all his points.

    The suggestions were to add good fats to your diet, such as avocado and nuts. Shit, I ate 3 ounces of trail mix yesterday not knowing that it was 10 points, which is a lot since I only get 29 for the day.

    Hang in there – keep your chin up – we can do this!

  • Shelley B  On July 29, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    That does seem like a lot of points to try and get in with regular food (not beer, lol!) – I think Biz has a good suggestion of adding healthy fats. Guacamole, here you come!

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