Goodbye and thanks for all the fish ~ Dave

Yeah we are telling the WORLD!!

1) Have you heard, Bird is the word?  (Got it stuck didn’t I?)

2) The truck is FINALLY gone!  It was dying a rather quick death and I needed to do something and pretty fast.  So I looked around online and we had test driven a few cars a few months back.  Well when I went to Crossroads Nissan they had the perfect car.  A certified pre-owned 2009 Mazda CX-7.  Enough room for the pups, future kids and sporty enough to make me feel manly!  Well manly-ish.

It was a little sad to see the truck go.  I had a few good memories with Rachel in that truck.  Our first date and kiss.  Driving to her place in it all the time.  Kharma’s first truck ride.  Darwin’s first truck ride.  Kharma having to ride in the bed when she rolled in deer shit.

But there were a lot of bad memories.  Failed relationships, the gas mileage, the leak in the back window, the cost of brakes and tires and the list goes on and on.  Once summer hit and I realized the AC was causing havok with the engine and barely worked, it was time to part ways.  The Silver Bullet (later renamed The Silver Butthole) lasted me 7 years and she was good to me for the most part.  But I am starting new chapters in my life and I think this is a good one to start, with Rachel.

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