Weekly Weigh In, Stockholm edition ~ Rachel

Happy Saturday morning everyone! I had to skip my WW meeting this week due to an appointment in Chapel Hill (for those of us in Raleigh, Chapel Hill is the other side of the world) around the same time. Soooo….I have no weekly weigh-in news for you except that based on my own scale (which I think really just throws random numbers out), I think that any loss or gain would have been minimal.

I’m going to warn you that my blogging the next few weeks might be a little erratic and sparse. I am going to Stockholm June 10-16 for work and am busy trying to get ready for all the meetings and figuring out how this international travel stuff works. You see, I’ve never really traveled. A road trip from Pittsburgh to Toronto in college (for spring break…what were we thinking?) doesn’t really count. At that time, we didn’t even need passports. And I don’t really think 2 cruises (which, BTW, are the BEST vacations you could ever take) count either. I can say I’ve been to Belize and Honduras…but it didn’t really feel official since I was with the cruise groups.

So, I have to figure out things like currency (they don’t use euros) and adaptors/volts and customs and who knows else. Also, I’m American and don’t really know the metric system. My mind just doesn’t automatically do the math from kilometers to miles. I bought a couple of Stockholm books, one of which included a map. Do you know how difficult it is to find things on a map that contains nothing but Swedish words that really do all look alike?

This is only the main part of Stockholm (I'l be NW of this)

I don’t have much free time to explore and can’t afford to stay longer (and wouldn’t want to without Dave) so I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing. I think our boss is trying to organize a tour of the Nobel museum one night…we have a group dinner on another night…and we have a dinner cruise through the archipelago my last night there. I basically have most of a Saturday and one evening to do what I want.

I would like to experience real Swedish meatballs and while I was informed of a street food that sounds absolutely disgusting, I’m so intrigued that I just might have to try it out. It involves pita bread, hot dogs and shrimp salad. Sounds gross, eh?

I think my Saturday might involve Gamla Stan, the old town, in all it’s cobblestone streets and 17th/18th century buildings glory. It gives me a taste of “old world Europe” (even thought it’s not that old) that I’ve always wanted to experience.

This trip will be a test of my feet. The left foot has been fine but the right foot has been terrible. Walking a lot on cobblestone streets might be the death of me. Not only will I look like a moronic tourist, I’ll be the moronic tourist that wears sneakers with nice work clothes. I have a hard enough time walking in my Danskos without rolling my ankles. I’m not going to tempt fate with them on cobblestones!

Anyways…all that was to say I’m gonna be really busy the next couple of weeks. My blog entries will probably pop up right about when you have forgotten I am out here!

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day everyone! Take some time to remember our veterans, especially those who have lost their lives in war fighting for our country.

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  • Marsial2010  On May 28, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Rachel, your upcoming trip sounds fantastic. Whenever I have traveled — even in Paris — I always liked to spend time doing “ordinary” things that the citizens of that city might do. Since I love to cook, I always make sure I walk up and down all of the aisles in one or two of their supermarkets. I was astonished in Paris that they have three times as many frozen pizzas offered in their markets as in the U.S. I guess I expected fois gras. Take lots of photos and bring back lots of stories to tell us.

  • Ana Gates  On May 28, 2011 at 8:41 am

    please take pictures of this gross food before you eat it 😛

  • Brettania  On May 28, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Rachel,

    I’m sure you will have a wonderful trip! I used to live in Oslo, Norway and I went twice to Stockholm for work (just a few hours by train from Oslo). It was beautiful. I just emailed my Norwegian friends to ask them for recommendations on what you should see/do in Stockholm and also to ask them if they have any friends in Stockholm who might be available to show you around or go have a coffee with you. I will let you know what they say. When I was there, I enjoyed walking around Gamla Stan, seeing City Hall, going on a boat tour and touring the Royal Palace. By the way, Sweden (and Norway) have got to be some of the easiest countries to visit for someone who doesn’t have international solo-travel experience. Everyone (and I really mean everyone) speaks perfect, fluent English. It is so impressive. Also, they don’t mind actually speaking English with you… unlike what happens in some other European countries. Stockholm is also a very safe city with excellent public transportation. So Stockholm is definitely an ideal location for you to test your solo-travel skills. Have fun!


  • Shelley B  On May 31, 2011 at 10:52 am

    After spending so much time at Ikea lately, I feel like I could speak Swedish…unless they are making up the words to their furniture. You don’t suppose they’re doing that, do you? 😉

    Anyway, international travel sounds exciting, a bit scary, and fun. At least you will be traveling with work people – safety in numbers for exploring, etc. I hope you have a wonderful trip and I’m with Ana – take a picture of the gross food first.

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