Whoops ~ Dave

So weekly weigh in happened this morning and it was not a good one.  But I have a resonable explanation for it and I am not upset.

So last weeks weight was 354.6
This week was 357.0
A gain of 2.4 lbs.

But honestly I am okay with it.  It is water weight that if I weigh in tomorrow will be gone.  You see my friend had just gotten back from his wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii.  So we went out last night for a few drinks to celebrate and catch up.   Well a few beers turned into 5 and that means I retained water this morning as the alcohol dehydrated me so my tissue sucked up all the water it could.  So I am okay with the gain.  It is not something I am upset about and I will get over it. Next week will be better. 🙂

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