Here We Go Again ~ Dave

Yeah stole an Everclear song title.  Don’t read the lyrics, they have nothing to do with this post.  Song title’s might be my new thing.

So I am back.  With some news and an update.  So here is the story.

I was on Weight Watchers back when I was a kid around 9 or 10.  I was not unhealthy just a bit chubby.  But my mother insisted I go with her and lose weight.  I hated those meetings.  I was a 10 year old boy stuck in a 30 something woman’s world.  The meetings were all about women and life’s challenges for women.  So I hit my goal weight and never went to another meeting.  That taught me nothing.

Fast forward about 20 years and I meet Rachel who is now my fiancée.  We were both overweight and unhealthy.  A year or so ago she decided to take it into her own hands.  She joined WW and the gym.  As soon asI could afford it I joined the gym, but just followed along with her WW materials.  I lost 30 pounds in a matter of months!  It was a great feeling!

Winter came.  The cold harsh winter of 2010/2011 and the holidays came with it.  I slipped, I screwed up.  I put all the weight I had lost, back on.  Granted I do not feel as unhealthy as I did as I am still going to the gym and seeing my personal trainer.  But I felt fat and gross.

So like Rachel I am taking it into my own hands.  I have joined WW for Men online.  No estrogen filled meetings for me, no thank you!  But I feel empowered.  I have 172 days to lose as much as I can before the wedding.  Take into consideration I have to get fitted for my tux two weeks before and that means I have 158 days.  In the famous words of Scooby Doo “Ruh Roh Shaggy!”  But I can do it!

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  • Shelley B  On May 10, 2011 at 11:42 am

    How awesome that there are WW for men meetings – I can imagine how boring the regular ones must have been for you “and then it was THAT time of the month…” – good luck with getting tuxedo-ready! Oh, and congrats on sticking with the gym and trainer all this time – that’s really fantastic!

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