Healing Spices ~ Rachel

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but there is a new “village” of shops about a mile up the road that includes: gelato shop, a South American wine cafe, bakery, coffee shop, Italian restaurant, gourmet market, an Aveda salon, a couple of boutiques and the jackpot for someone who likes to cook…The Savory Spice Shop.

The Savory Spice Shop is a franchise that began in Denver, Colorado by Mike and Janet Johnston. Janet even had her own Food Network show called Spice & Easy (I think it might have been a special series…I have to do some research on it)! The Savory Spice Shop here in Raleigh is owned by Cindy and Bob who are just about the nicest people you could hope to meet. They’ve got family working there with them…I think it’s their niece Lindsay who is there a lot and is very knowledgeable about the spices. Everyone in the family knows me now and I am always greeted with a warm smile. When I am done with school, I think I might pursue a part-time job there just for fun! And to support my spice habit…Dave said I’m a spice whore. They were recently looking for part-time help but I figured I better finish my dissertation and plan a wedding without having that distraction. I’m kicking myself a little for passing up the opportunity.

The spices they sell are absolutely amazing. Not only are they freshly ground, they are also, for the most part, cheaper than what you would pay in the grocery store for something that’s probably been on the shelf forever. I will never ever buy a McCormick spice again unless I am stuck far from my Savory Spice Shop! The store also sells a lot of rubs and spice mixes…and scattered throughout the store and on their website are recipes (easy ones!) that utilize their spices and mixes. If I ever need saffron, I know where to go. Pink Himalayan sea salt? Check. Adobo seasoning? Check.  Lavender flowers? Check. Also, you can buy as little as a half an ounce…so if you are making something that calls for 1 tsp of something you’ve never heard of before and probably won’t cook with normally, you are in luck! I have never cooked with half the stuff in that shop but am looking forward to exploring it all as much as I can.  And you all get to benefit.

I just bought a book from Savory Spice called Healing Spices, written by a PhD scientist who has done decades of cancer and health research. The Savory Spice Shop had this to say about the book: Healing Spices lays out how to use 50 everyday and exotic spices to boost health and beat disease. Now, we’ve always been careful in our shops to stay very culinary focused on spices and not give medicinal advice or try to diagnose customer’s ailments as this is not our area of expertise. We felt that Healing Spices was a great alternative to just dismissing any health related questions altogether. The 50 spices described, of which we carry all but a small few (but is sun dried tomato really a spice?), are accompanied by tasty recipes. We truly appreciate this culinary approach to using spices medicinally.

My plan is this: Every week, I will blog about an herb or spice from the book. I will also try out a recipe using that particular herb or spice and will post it if it’s a success.

There are a lot of herbs and spices so I need your help. Which ones do YOU want to know about?

Did you know that horseradish is supposed to help ear infections? Instead of having tubes in my ears a billion times, maybe my parents should have fed me horseradish? 

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  • Jaclyn  On May 10, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    Ooo, how wonderful! Rosemary, Tumeric, and Mint have my votes.


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