Weekly Weigh In, I’m Back Edition ~ Rachel

I weighed in last Tuesday at 240lbs. Blech. And I found out I had to change my meeting time (and place ) since my regular meeting had been cancelled. Double Blech.

I weighed in this morning, at my new meeting time and place (but same leader) and was down 2lbs to 238.0. Whew! I was a partial rock star this week with the tracking and food and a partial slacker. I guess that balanced out in the end!

Friday night I am having dinner at Ballymor before going to see Amos Lee at the Lincoln Theater downtown. I might check out one of their salads this time. And, of course, I will have the 20oz Imperial pint of Strongbow…Nectar of the Gods! Sunday is Easter and I know there will be a spread at Dave’s Mom’s house. I’m bringing Carrot Cake and Apple Cake. Both of them will be healthy/WW recipes…not low in points necessarily but *lower* than typical desserts.

I hope you all have a nice holiday weekend!

So this weekend might be a challenge…and I’m sure all my weekly flex points will be gone by Monday…but that’s ok! I will handle it!

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