The Mostly Non-Health Stuff Post ~ Rachel

The past week or so has been a little eventful so I thought I would tell you all about it as I sit here drinking my triple venti skinny french vanilla latte (4pts). This will be random, so buckle up.

Be Gone, Before Someone Drops a House on You!

The middle of the country got hit with some pretty strong storms last week and several people died in Alabama and Oklahoma. This time, though, the storms kept heading east and showed no sign of weakening. We knew we were going to get some bad weather and tornado warnings on Saturday but I don’t think we really understood the gravity of the situation.

Dave had left for his biweekly game night at Game Theory and I was home cooking and baking for various things. I had the news on since it was constant weather coverage. I have a fascination with weather and absolutely love looking at Doppler Radar images. Yeah, I know, I’m weird. Anyways, the meteorologist was tracking the storms and kept talking about the tornadoes touching down and how we all needed to get to our place of shelter. Well…I live in an apartment building…on the third floor. So I just kept an eye out as the weatherman sounded increasingly worried and the weather got increasingly nasty outside. The dogs were not too happy…Darwin was on top of me the whole time. The weather took a turn for a worse as the winds kicked up, the rain pounded down and the hail started smacking the crap out of the building. We’re a corner unit and the hail was hitting our southern-facing window. I was very close to crawling into the closet with the dogs but I didn’t. And then it was mostly over.

At that point, our cable and internet had gone out….and would be out for 24 hours….I felt very disconnected from the world! I got to see the pictures and video the next day and was amazed at the damage. Apparently, in Raleigh alone, there is $115M of damage. There were something like 25 tornadoes that touched down. 24 people/children lost their lives at the storms went across the state. The tornado closest to us touched down about 5 miles down the road…which is a little too close for comfort. There was a lot of damage in downtown Raleigh….the chapel where we are getting married lost 5 windows (I think they blew out) and had lots of roof damage from flying limbs (tree, not human).

This was the strongest storm I’ve ever experienced. I don’t mind things like heavy rain or hail (we had some golf-balled sized hail) but high winds terrify me. The high winds we had here sounded even worse because they were whipping hail at us like we were playing a mean game of dodge ball. The only picture I could get was of the hail after the storm on our deck.

What is UP with this weather recently???

Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist Sometimes (or Sesame Street for Adults)

Dave doesn’t go to the theater. Dave doesn’t like musicals. EXCEPT when it’s irreverent puppets who sing about porn and racism. We went to see Avenue Q last night at the Durham Performing Arts Center and it was awesome. I can’t get “The Internet is for Porn” out of my head! This show is hilarious and I highly recommend it to those of you with a sense of humor. There are some curse words dropped and there is puppet nudity during a pretty intense sex scene (LOL) so I don’t recommend this show for kids. But you really should check it out! Dave thoroughly enjoyed himself last night at the theater. And we now have plans to go see The Addams Family when it comes next year. Apparently, that kind of musical is ok with him too!

I Don’t Really Need Feet, Do I?

I’m sure you are all well aware of the chronic plantar fasciitis in my left foot that I battled for 2 years before I found my awesome chiropractor who scraped away the problem. Well, the left foot is still doing pretty good. The right foot is not. It went from fine to “F*&% You” recently. I am not a happy camper. I keep joking that amputation should be an option for me. But sometimes I am only half joking. I would really love to live one day without pain. I don’t remember when that happened last. I’m too young for this crap! I see Doc on Monday…I’m not looking forward to being scraped again.

Well, I best get to my work. I finished that latte awhile ago šŸ™‚

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  • Errign  On April 22, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Avenue Q is HILARIOUS. I don’t do theater things and definitely not musicals, but I remember cracking up to that soundtrack with my friends in high school.

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