So Far So Good ~ Rachel

Well, I stuck to my plan on Tuesday and Wednesday REALLY well…Thursday was a little challenging.

I put my food journal down below for you all to see…nothing too exciting really. Lots of hard boiled eggs. I now make 1.5 dozen every weekend for the week! Both Dave and I LOVE hard boiled eggs and the dogs like them too! And they are super easy.

Last night was a bit interesting. We had planned on going to a Chinese restaurant with our friends Kirsten and Andrew. My plan was to have some steamed dumplings for an appetizer and then choose a “healthy” dish and eat half, saving the other half for dinner tonight.

The weather here was so perfect that we instead went to Ballymor Irish Pub so we could sit outside. There are 3 “problems” with that:

(1) They have Strongbow, my favorite hard cider, that you can only really get on tap at Irish pubs. I had a 20oz pint and left it at that. I figured it would have the same amount of points as beer  but couldn’t confirm that so I just assigned it 10 points plus, which is the equivalent of two 12oz regular beers.

(2) The food is INCREDIBLY yummy! They have these curry chips…basically hand made potato chips with a slight curry seasoning on them, served with a horseradish sauce. I *may* have had a bunch of those. The last time I was at Ballymor I had the shepherd’s pie which was AWESOME but this time decided to go with fish and chips. Dave ended up talking me into the fish sandwich….which is basically the fish and chips but you get one piece of cod instead of 2 and it’s on a grilled hoagie roll. As I had tasted Dave’s fish and chips last week, I knew their fish was awesome…and it was. So, while I could have maybe made a better meal choice, I decided that I love this pub way too much to just get a fancy salad. I did, after all, have a lot of points socked away.

(3) The portions are HUGE…that one piece of fried cod on my sandwich was easily 12oz and probably more. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was an entire pound. I ate it all. It was a challenge but fried fish doesn’t reheat well so I didn’t want to waste it. But fish is good for you…the only bad parts were the friend breading (which honestly wasn’t too thick) and the hoagie roll. Oh yeah…and the mustard seed tartar sauce.

Before dinner, I had 19 points left for the day plus 46 weekly flex points. I’m pretty sure I didn’t use them all at dinner but I’m going to pretend like I did, just in case!

When you have a restaurant that you absolutely LOVE, do you throw all caution to the wind and get what you really want? I could have made a better choice, but I was in no mood to. I could have eaten less, but I didn’t want to waste it (and really didn’t want to stop eating).

Next time (because there will be), I will take pictures of the food…I got a smaller and much more portable camera that now lives in my purse. I might become one of those bloggers that takes pictures of her meals. At least the good lookin’ ones!

Have a good weekend everyone! Oh yeah, here’s what I ate the past 3 days..lots of fast and easy to grab stuff since I was in the office 2 days.

Tuesday’s food: Triple Venti Skinny French Vanilla Latte (4), 2 slices oatmeal bread (4), 2 hard boiled eggs (4), 1 Tbsp light mayo (1), cup of fresh pineapple (0), 3oz frozen salmon filet (5), frozen veggies with a Laughing Cow wedge (2), Beef stew with mushrooms (9) over 56g egg noodles (6), pudding cup (2), banana (0), Skinny Cow cone (4)…41 points plus total

Wednesday’s food: Kashi oatmeal packet (3) with fresh strawberries and Splenda (0), leftover beef stew over egg noodles (15), 2 hard boiled eggs (4) frozen veggies with Laughing Cow wedge (2), pudding (2), 5oz turkey tenderloin (5) with mushrooms and Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce (1) and frozen veggies (2), Skinny Cow cone (4)…38 points plus total

Thursday’s food: 2 hard boiled eggs (4), strong cheese (1), Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli (7), pudding (2), banana (0), another hard boiled egg (2), Vitatop muffin (3)…curry chips with horseradish sauce, 20oz Strongbow, Fried Cod sandwich with tartar sauce and more chips…points plus total unknown so I’m just going to assume (and hopefully be way overestimating)  84 points which is everything I had left.

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  • Shelley B  On April 15, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    If I’m at a special restaurant, I’ll eat what I want, but I try to gauge when I’m full and sometimes I won’t finish everything. Shocking, still, that I do that. My goal is to walk out satisfied without feeling like I’m going to explode. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who has eaten like that, lol!

  • Katie  On April 15, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    Chinese food? Really?? Huge fried fish on a roll? Really?
    Chinese: steamed chicken & veg no rice no dumplings! Pub food: Have a piece of fish on top of salad. if fish piece is triple or double portion size doggie bag it or split with another person.

    • Rachel Palmieri  On April 15, 2011 at 7:30 pm

      Chinese food? Yes, really. Pub food? Yes, really. I can certainly enjoy a meal out every now and then and maintain a healthy lifestyle (and lose weight). Your comments are neither helpful (DUH, I know which foods are lower cal/fat) nor are they terribly supportive. If you don’t have anything nice or helpful to say, then don’t say anything. Jeez.

  • Emily O'Brien  On April 18, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    Um… isn’t the whole point (sorry for the pun) of WW that you can have the occasional splurge as long as you stay within your points? Even (gasp!) if that means a fish sandwich and a beer?!

    Rachel, it takes guts to share this with the world. Your journey is inspiring to the rest of us who are also trying to find a healthy balance. You’re doing a great job; don’t let the occasional hater get you off track.

    • Rachel Palmieri  On April 19, 2011 at 7:23 am

      Thanks, Emily! The rude commenter definitely didn’t get me off track…she just rubbed me the wrong way. The idea of extreme dieting is not sustainable (or fun) and I just want to smack some sense into the people who think it’s the way to be healthy. Healthy isn’t just about what you put in your mouth! Sometimes you have to feed your soul. And in my case, I fed my soul a Strongbow and a fish sandwich 🙂

  • biz319  On April 19, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    glad you are back!!

    When I go to a place that has awesome burgers, I am having a burger – that’s why I love having the flex points!

    I still have my bagel on Wednesdays and usually my 18 point pizza on the weekends – lifes too short not to have some good food once in a while! 😀

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