Weekly Weigh In, Ice Ice Baby Edition ~ Rachel

I woke up this morning wondering if my WW center would be open since there were over 1000 local closings due to iced over roads. I had to call the main 800 number to find out…sure enough, the center was closed for the day. Argh. I peeked at the scale I have here at home and it should a loss since last week. I’m guessing the WW scale would have showed the same thing but I’ll have to wait until next Tuesday morning to find out for real!

In other news, our heat stopped working. Our maintenance guy is here taking a hack saw to the fan to get it out of the unit so he can replace it. Apparently, one of the bolts isn’t cooperating. I sure hope he can get everything working again or it’s gonna be a cold night!

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  • Shelley B  On January 13, 2011 at 11:45 am

    What a drag to not get to weigh in! Oh well, extra days will give you a better loss, right?

    Hope your heat got fixed!

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