Blood work Update ~ Rachel

My blood type is O+ so I try to donate as often as I can. I last donated at the end of August and was a bit surprised when I got a letter from the Red Cross saying that I should see my doctor because there were inconclusive test results that indicated I might have Hepatitis B. The rational person inside of me knew that (a) I had gotten the Hep B vaccine in 2001/2002 and had an immunity to it, (b) am in a monogamous committed relationship with someone and (c) had no risk factors in terms of coming in contact with Hep B. The epidemiologist in me knew this had to be a false positive even though the paperwork from the Red Cross suggested that my test results pointed towards a chronic infection.

So I marched off to Student Health to see my doctor. She wasn’t concerned either and even let me tack on some extra blood work while I was there.  It had been 6 months since my last lipid/glucose panel…and I was curious about my Vitamin D levels too.

The Hep B test took longer than expected…I actually got worried a teensy bit because my doctor said that this length of time usually meant an abnormal result. Doctors should not use the word abnormal unless they have the evidence in front of them. The final result? I don’t have Hepatitis B and the vaccine is still protecting me from it. Lesson here for all of you? When the test result doesn’t make sense in terms of your lifestyle, assume it’s a false positive and go get another test! False positives happen all of the time. Unfortunately, my new lab results, plus my immunization records, aren’t enough for the Red Cross. They no longer want my blood. Sheesh.

Anyways, I’m sure you guys are way more interested in my other numbers. I gotta tell you…I’m VERY pleased with my glucose, triglyceride and HDL numbers…my dietary and exercise habits are now reflected in them. I’m a little perplexed about the LDL and total cholesterol numbers…why would they go up??

Without further ado, my blood:

Total Cholesterol: Up to 201 from 194 (Weird…this should be going down)

LDL: Up to 116 from 108 (Weird again…this should also be going down)

VLDL: Down to 25 from 44 (Excellent…this is another bad cholesterol)

HDL: Up to 60 from 42 (Excellent…the higher the better)

Triglycerides: Down to 123 from 222 (I was thrilled to see this)

Glucose: Down to 82 from 95 (Not that 95 is bad but it’s nice to see this go lower)

Vitamin D: Up to 41.2 from 37.7 (May 6th) and 19.1 (March 4th) (The higher the better)

Anyone know why my total cholesterol and LDL numbers went up when everything else went the right direction? I know the numbers didn’t increase much but still….odd.

Overall, though, I’m happy with my numbers!

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