Weekly Weigh-in ~ Rachel

I’ve been slacking off since I hit my big milestone so I’ll list my last few weigh-ins below. I went up and am now trying to work my way back down. I lost 0.6lbs at weigh-in this morning which was a nice way to start my day one. Today was day one. I got off the lazy train and am now on the focus train. All aboard!

8/24/2010: -3.2lbs to 212.8lbs

8/31/2010: Missed meeting

9/7/2010: +3.0lbs to 215.8lbs

9/14/2010: -0.6lbs to 215.2lbs

I tracked everything today and made it to the gym for both strength training and a cardio workout. It wasn’t pretty but I did it. And I’ll do it all again tomorrow.

Jenn said I am definitely in the running to win her 5 free personal training sessions…I should find out next week. Keep your fingers crossed everybody…5 extra sessions will help my focus that much more! In the 7 weeks of her competition, I went from 223.4lbs to 215.2lbs…a 8.2lbs loss which is about a 4% loss. I can only hope that her other clients were skinnier to begin with and therefore weren’t focused as much on losing so much weight!

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  • Mark Palmieri  On September 14, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Hey you know I can easily fluxuate 10 lbs in a week?!?! Something to think about…..
    I think your gonna see some progress……your body is rested….thats another way to look at it, no slacked off, but rested!!!!! I really do think your see a quik jump here shortly….

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