Weight loss week 32 ~ Dave

Week 31 weight: 334.6
Week 32 weight: 334.0

Loss of 0.6 pounds

Total weight loss: 31.8 pounds.

Another slow week.  Rachel seems to think she has the answer.  Her answer is I do not eat all of my points.  But until we get a full rating of my metabolism, then whatever.  I believe her, but refuse to agree since I am German and stubborn.

As for the gym things are going good.  Week 1 I was able to do 90 pounds on the fixed lat pull downs.  When I went back over the weekend of week 2 I was able to do 105!  I went back yesterday and Fabian my trainer was missing, literally.  No one knows where he is which worries me as he is a great guy!  But I had to work with Larry who has a reputation.  The reputation is correct he is a beast!  Fabian has me doing two exercises for two reps and then we switch to two new ones.  Larry made me do circuits… rapidly!  Started with push ups using the Bosu ball as I cannot do a full push up as of yet.  Then using a barbell with some weight amount (guessing about 70 pounds) to do squats.  Then doing lat pulls with the barbell and finally dead lifts.  As so0n as dead lifts were done, back to the push ups.  Ran through this 3 times and on the last set some things were easier like the push ups got super easy. After all of that I had to do planks.  I do not do a full plank yet though I think I could.  I use my knees for support right now even though I extend them as far as possible and tend to use my toes a bit as well.  The first plank I held and it felt like nothing.  I asked if that was 20 seconds and Larry said “No 45 seconds.”  “Want to go longer?”  Knowing Rachel has done a 1 minute plank, I said hell yeah!  So was able to hold the plank for 1 minute with no issues.  This is a competition for me, not for her, but for me it is. 🙂

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