Metabolism Report ~ Rachel

My chiropractor ran a metabolism test on me last week…there were some interesting results.

(1) I’m ever so slightly dehydrated. I know I need to drink more water and I’m working on it. I’m much better than I used to be. I think I read somewhere you should drink half your weight in water every day. So for me at 218lbs I should be drinking 109 oz of water per day. Eeks. Does that sound right people? I already have to go to the bathroom way too much.

(2) My chiropractor crossed out my BMI and said the BMI scale is junk. I love it! I hate that scale too. Although, I will do a dance when I move from the obese category to the overweight category.

(3) My percentage body fat is high…44%. I think when I started working out it was around 47%. Disgusting, eh? I have to wonder at what point will that percentage start decreasing at a faster rate. I’m going to try and not get hung up on that number. I know I’m building muscle. It’s just a matter of time.

(4) My phase angle is lower than Dr. Josh wants it. It has something to do with how strong my cell walls are. Anyways, he said he wants me to take fish oil and vitamin D daily. I’m at 4000IUs of vitamin D/day which he was happy about. I now have to incorporate the fish oil. We have it in the apartment because the dogs take it. I just have to remember to take 2 (yeah, 2) at every meal (yeah, every meal). That’s a lot of fish oil but apparently you can’t really overdose on it.

(5) My basal metabolic rate is 1765 kCal…so my body burns 1765 calories just by being alive.

(6) My daily energy expenditure is 2294 kCal…this is what my body actually burns on a daily basis since I don’t just spend the day doing nothing.

(7) In order to lose weight, I should consume 1900-2000 calories/day. I wasn’t sure I was actually meeting that number since I only get 27 points per day (though I don’t really know how many calories that equates to) but when I added in my flex points and the extra food I eat when I exercise, Dr. Josh thought I was fine. I think I might count calories one day to see if I’m in the right ballpark.

Dr. Josh also wants me to eat more protein. I think I need to ask him how much he wants me to aim for. I know the good protein sources are poultry and meat, eggs, beans, legumes, soy, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on a number to aim for and how to achieve that number? I don’t want to go carb free but it seems like that in order to up my protein something else has to decrease.

Any suggestions are welcome…though I’m more likely to accept the “natural” foods moreso than the protein supplements that are out there.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  • Mark  On August 16, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    Yup, atleast half your weight in water. I drink almost my weight though any way. And yup, youll pee alot, but you will get used to it over time, and then not pee so much. Your bladder has to adjust and also your body needs to get used to having sufficent water so it can put it to use. Did you know that you lose 16 oz of water a day by exhaling?!?! Your Kidneys use 32 oz a day to do their jobs filtering stuff. A person who does NOT workout or have labor job still sweats out 16 oz a day. Thats 64 oz a day, just for basic maintence. Water first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism up to 10% for the day. But don’t forget those salts…..I try to throw in a powerade everyday too. GaterPower ades can be high in suger though, don’t know if that’ll effect ya.

    As for the protein…..For a weight lifter like me mind you… supposed to consume my desired body weight in grams a day……whew. I have to conmsume a lot of low glycemic carbs too, so i been eatn a lot of wheat pasta…..tuna is good for both too. Don’t go overkill with the soy protein, large amounts are not good for you, and it doesn’t do its job like other proteins. For Building muscle, theres fast protein, (like whey protein) found in your meats and eggs. Eggs are the best protein. they make whey powder out of it. Then theres slow protein…..(casein) best found in dairy. Fast= how quik your body puts it to use. So within a half of work out, you should try to consume 20 grams of fast protein, and 40 grams of low or mid .glycemic carbs. they feed the muscle, and since your body wants it, it get used, not abused! Slow protein is good at night, so your body has steady supply while you sleep.

    Fish oil is good stuff. Don’t bite the caplet. it tastes like …….but….like….raw or something. I heard that people that take A Lot lot lot of fish oil, start to smell like it when they sweat, but that never happened to me.

    Did you know Nutrition Facts where made during the great depression? So people could make sure they made the most of what they had, to be healthier. So, the % daily value is actually a minumun. All nutrients do there part in the system, so a multivitamin is good, even if you do eat right.

    Vitamin D……Take a little calcium too, its cheap. They work together. Calcum lets your body take better use of the D. But watch you don’t take too much if you also tak in a lot of dairy, or multi vitamin. Too much calcium can cause sluggishness, and even depression.

    I know ya don’t like supplements, but the natural ones are really helpful. Im not real into eating alot directly after an hour long power lifting session, the shake is good!

    Hey, I quit smoking, been a week!

    Keep up the good work!

    Love Ya!

  • Rachel  On August 18, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    It sounds like you’re doing GREAT!

    As for protein, believe it or not, peanut butter is a good source of protein. So eat some peanut butter!

    Also, the great thing about water is that if you start feeling like you’re hungry and just want to snack on something you can just drink water to curb the craving. Or chew gum, or brush your teeth – whatever works for you.


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