Choices…an update ~ Rachel

Last week I let it all out there and announced my shortcomings when it came to some of my behaviors. I made much better choices this week and am proud that I picked myself up off the ground. Not all my choices were good ones but I will tell you this…they were all conscious choices that I TRACKED. I swear to God that tracking is the key to all of this! Without further adieu:

Tuesday: I tracked, I exercised, I ate 28/27 points for the day (that’s what the flex points are for) and I only ate one ice cream treat.

Wednesday: I tracked, I rested (no exercise on Weds for me), I ate 34/27 points for the day but will point out that those points included a yummy breakfast out of a 3 egg scramble with ham, asparagus and cheese. I didn’t eat all of my toast which was good. And I stayed away from the breakfast items that were very cheesy 🙂 Oh, and I only had one ice cream treat.

Thursday: I tracked, I exercised, I ate 27/27 points and only had one ice cream treat!

Friday: I tracked and I exercised. We went over to Dave’s Mom’s house to visit with his sister who was in from Chicago. I knew we were ordering pizza so I ate a huge salad before we left. My intention was to eat 2 pieces of pizza.  I ate 3. I’m not gonna beat myself up over this one. Though when I got home and looked up pizza hut pizza, I realized it was higher in points than Dominoes or Papa Johns. Oops. I was 15 over for the day but had my flex points! And I only had one ice cream treat!

Saturday: I tracked. I was going to hit the gym in the morning but I woke up with a horrible migraine, feeling like I had been run over by a mac truck. The day was a weird one because I felt like crap early but could function later. Dave went to get us Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I asked for an 8pc nuggets (only 6 points!) and fries. I then scratched the fries and asked for a side salad. Yay me! That night involved a mushroom burger, fries and a beer. But I wrote everything down and though this probably put me over my points for the day and ate up my remaining flex points, I was ok with that. It was better than cooking when I didn’t feel so hot. And I only had one ice cream treat (and it was Freshberry frozen yogurt which I would eat all day, every day if I could). I think only Dairy Queen could be a better ice cream treat…and well…we just don’t go there these days!

Sunday: I tracked. I knew I wasn’t making it to the gym because I was heading out to a bridal show. No, I’m not engaged…yet. It will happen sometime soon as long as I get my dissertation done! Anyways, I ate a good breakfast, put some granola bars in my purse and went on my way. I tasted a few things at the bridal show (3 cakes, a bruscetta that was awesome and some weird pastry cup with hummus in it). I could have tasted a lot more but I was good. And frankly, the lemon wedding cake I tasted was worth however many points the one bite had in it! Anyways, by the time I got home (after trapsing around NC State’s campus with my cousin and hanging pics at my other cousin’s apt), I was famished. I was about ready to pass out from hunger. Why I didn’t eat my granola bars when I first got hungry is beyond me. I ate 2 on the way home and then proceeded to get two chicken fillet biscuits from Bojangles for dinner. With a side of dirty rice. Seriously, I was HUNGRY. And you know what? After eating all that, I felt better. I didn’t even feel stuffed! So this was not a good choice kind of day but it could have been a lot worse. I would have eaten anything someone put in front of me that evening. Anything! I might have even consumed olives…and I HATE olives! It just so happens that Bojangles is basically next door and was the fastest food option. Oh yeah, and I only had one ice cream treat!

Monday (Today):  I tracked. I exercised. I ate 27/27 points. And I only had one ice cream treat!

Notice a trend? Or two? Ice cream is one of my trigger foods and I do much better when I am in control of my ice cream eating. Also, I lose a little control when my schedule gets off.

But in the end, this week’s choices were infinitely better than last week’s because I TRACKED. Seriously, folks. It’s the key to all of this! I feel like I’ve regained control. Now we’ll just see what the scale says tomorrow!

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  • Mom  On August 17, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    I did notice the ice cream trend! I have it every night!
    So, maybe it is genetic!

  • Rachel Palmieri  On August 17, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    I’m just glad I didn’t get the gene for sherbet and chocolate syrup!

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