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Like I said in my weight post, I’m down 1.8lbs this week. How? For the life of me, I have no idea! I decided to share the choices I made this week with you in an effort to (a) put myself a little further out there,  (b) show you all that it’s not about perfection and (c) open my eyes to the bad habits that can oh so easily creep back in. So without further adieu, I give you my week of choices:

Tuesday: This was a day of good choices. I hit the gym for 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio and I ate right, staying within my points. Did I need the triple venti skinny latte from Starbucks? Probably not. But the only points come from the milk so I can’t say it’s a bad choice. I usually make good choices on Tuesdays since I come from my Weight Watchers meetings feeling empowered.

Wednesday: I ate 2 Weight Watchers ice cream candy bars and 1 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich today. I also picked up a rotisserie chicken from the store for dinner. Another bad choice? Not weighing out the correct portion. Oh yeah, and eating some of the crispy skin. That was my brother’s favorite part of the roasted chickens we had when we were kids. Maybe I was making up for all the times he got the skin instead of me? It wasn’t even that good!

Thursday:  First bad choice? Didn’t go to the gym. I can’t remember my excuse but that’s exactly what it was. My next bad choice came later that night. We had dinner with Dave’s sister’s family and his Mom to celebrate her birthday. Marlene made stuffed shells. I had 7. I’m not going to beat myself up over that one even though I probably could have done with about 4-5. Should I have eaten that piece of Texas Toast? Hell no…one slice is like 8 points. Should I have eaten the birthday cake? Sure…the first slice. I knew we were having birthday cake and it’s my favorite (chocolate cake with whipped cream icing and buttercream decorations) so I had planned for it. What I didn’t plan on was taking a piece home and EATING IT LATER THAT NIGHT while we watched a movie. The right choice would have been to drink some water since I wasn’t hungry. I made the wrong choice and ate cake…when I was already full. Geez.

Friday: I made it to the gym…60 minutes of Zumba that kicked my butt from here to Mexico. The day goes downhill from there. First bad choice? Not tracking anything except my breakfast. This bad choice continued through until this morning. Yep, 4 days of not even pretending to track my food. That night we went out to dinner and got BBQ. Instead of getting the one meat platter with 2 sides, I got the 2 meat platter. Instead of getting a salad or veggies, I got the cole slaw and fried okra!! Sheesh. At least they were veggies….sort of.

Saturday: First bad choice? I didn’t go to the gym. I woke up to my computer going all kaplooey (nasty malware got a hold of it) so I was stressed about that. Dave called from the dog park and informed me that Kharma was missing a chunk out of her ear and asked if I wanted coffee. Instead of saying no thank you I’m going to the gym like I planned, I said yes please and I’ll see you when you get home. Dave took care of the malware, I cleaned Kharma’s ear (she wasn’t missing a chunk…she got into some sticky substance that matted it down), and then I proceeded to putz around doing who knows what. That night I had plans to go out to dinner with a friend where I was going to get a healthy salad. The short version of the story is that I had a flat tire, Monica’s fiancee changed it to the almost flat donut and after filling it with air, we ended up at a pub within walking distance of the apartment in case the donut went flat on me. Did I get a salad there? Nope. What did I get you ask? The bacon bleu cheese burger with fries. Oh yeah, and we split a piece of cheesecake. Doh.  I completed my evening with two giant glasses of sangria. That was the only part of my original plan I stuck to. After all, you can’t have a girls’ night in (complete with painting nails and watching Bridget Jones AND Mamma Mia!) without sangria.

Sunday:  The malware was back on my computer. I think Dave brought me coffee again (not just coffee….the fancy stuff with actual points). Dave got us Taco Bell for dinner. Did I make the right choice and get the fresco menu items? Nope. I got a Mexican pizza, a 7 layer burrito and some double decker taco with sour cream oozing from it. Oh yeah, and as if that wasn’t enough, pintos and cheese. I actually couldn’t eat those. They were a snack on Monday.  It’s like I got all out of sorts and decided that I deserved to make the wrong choices because I was *having a bad weekend.*

Monday: Sadly, this was yesterday and I don’t remember much about it. My first bad choice? Not going to the gym. I’m pretty sure my choices the rest of the day weren’t fabulous.

See a trend here? Making a choice to skip the gym is BAD. Not tracking my food is BAD. Getting off of a routine and being stressed out…well, I need to cope a little bit better than I did this past week.

After re-reading all of the above, I can say I am quite disgusted with myself. And believe me, it’s not easy to admit to the internets and all you readers out there that I ate like 3 ice cream treats in one day…and to be perfectly honest, they were probably within 30 minutes of one another.

So this is the start of a new week of making better choices. I choose the gym. I choose tracking my food. I choose making better choices when eating out. I’ll revisit this later this week to let you know how I am doing.

PERSISTENCE….NOT Perfection.  That’s what I keep telling myself anyways.

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  • Thu  On August 10, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    Rachel you have done an AWESOME job! You’ve made so much progress these last several months.

    Try not to feel guilty—doesn’t really do any good. A new day, a new beginning. The goal is to create the kind of environment where you’re eating healthy and being active most days. In the long run, a week of little exercise or not so great choices doesn’t matter. Also what kind of world would there be without ice cream or cake? Not the kind of world I want to live in!

    Things that have worked for me:
    I focus on getting foods in that are good for me. Every meal, I’ll try to have some protein, veggies/fruit, and some carbs. It becomes easier after a while because it’ll be a habit. I’ll eat lunch, and it’ll feel weird if I haven’t had my fruit or eaten vegetables yet. Sometimes focusing on getting a balanced meal every time is easier than trying to cut things out.

    I try to avoid eating out, and I know you’ve been cooking and trying healthy recipes! Good work here. Every week in addition to getting the meats and veggies I cook for dinners, I make sure to buy some things that are really simple to prepare like spinach, carrot sticks, whole wheat bread, peanut butter, tuna, etc…things that require little to no cooking for quick prep lunches or dinners. Also, when I have work or class, I like to cook and pack my lunch at night. In the mornings I don’t have to scramble to get something together for lunch, and I know dinner will be waiting for me when I get home.

    It’s the same way with exercise. I have tried exercising a few times a week, and I find that it’s actually easier for me to exercise 5 days a week (day of rest before and after long runs) because I don’t have to think about it. It becomes a habit.

    I do not deny myself food that I’m craving. If I’m craving a hamburger, I’ll order it, but I’ll cut it in half before I start and move the fries I’m going to eat in a little pile. I save the rest for another meal. If I’m craving oreos, I’ll take one or two and move away from the container. I make these treats special, and I don’t have them every day or whenever I feel hungry.

    The ultimate goal is happiness and health, and I try to achieve that through conscious decisions and being kind to myself. I hope sharing with you some things that have worked for me will helpful for you!


  • Marsial2010  On August 11, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Rachel, I’ve wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and being so supportive with your kind comments. I’ll make an extra effort to visit your blog regularly. Although I blog for myself, like almost everyone, I love to get comments. I’ve been thinking of moving over to wordpress just because I like their feature of being able to respond to comments which, apparently, google does not use thus far.

    Please don’t beat up on yourself for having a festive food-oriented week. Don’t be disgusted…it was kind of fun, wasn’t it? And you did actually lose weight. If you’re unhappy about it, just aim to do better this week. You know you can! I’m pulling so much for both you and Dave.

  • Shelley B  On August 13, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    I really appreciate your honesty – life is definitely full of ups and downs and it’s amazing how we deal with them with FOOD! I still do this, but it’s gotten a lot better over time. Just take everything as a learning experience and move forward…your awareness is very telling and you are growing through all of this.

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