More Weight Gone ~ Rachel

This post is not about pounds lost.  It’s even better than that.

It is about the huge weight lifted off of Dave’s shoulders (and mine). Dave got a job offer today that we have been praying for for a very long time! Instead of being stuck on the phone all day long with his fingers tied because of the red tape associated with his government contract job, he will now get to work with computers, hands-on! And he gets to work with one of his buddies! And the office is down the road (the gym will now be on his way home…hmmmm) instead of the next town over! And he got a salary increase!

He is already a happier person and for that I am sooo grateful.

Once he joins the gym, I’ve a feeling he’s going to start kicking my tookus in terms of pounds lost. He’ll now have the means and energy to workout and melt away the pounds!

Congratulations, Dave! It’s about damn time because you earned this a long long time ago!

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