Weight loss week 25 and 26? ~ Dave

Week 24 weight: 329.8
Week 25 weight: 335.6
Gain of 5.8 pounds

Total weight loss: 30.0 pounds…

It was a bad weekend we will put it that way.  I did way too much drinking and not enouhg tracking.  But the following weekend is going to be worse… or is it?

Week 25 weight: 335.6
Week 25 weight: 334.4
Loss of 1.2 pounds

Total weight loss: 31.2 pounds…

What the F!?  I went to a wedding ate like crap and drank wayyyyyy toooo much.  But I lost, guess I did something right in the end or I just lucked out and the week before was all water weight from the beer.

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