Weight Loss Week Twenty-Five ~ Rachel

Despite being sick, eating like crap, not exercising and being out of my routine due to dog sitting, I managed to lose 0.2lbs this week.

I started back at the gym Tuesday, managing 30 minutes on the bike and 30-40 minutes of strength training with Jen. I’m not 100% yet but I’m well enough to move my butt. I also went today and did the same and I plan on repeating tomorrow. Friday-Sunday is a lost cause as it’s my step-sister’s wedding in Charlotte and there will be no time for exercise.

Beginning Monday, I will be dedicated once more to my exercise and eating plan. I’m a little tired of seeing the same numbers on the scale week in and week out. I know what I have to do. Get back to my normal routine and just do it!

In other news, I am now able to use the Bosu Ball. When I had my personal training assessment back in April, I couldn’t even stand on the darn thing without falling over. Part of that was due to foot pain but a lot of it was due to being fat and out of shape. Well, the foot pain is relatively minimal these days and though I am still fat, I am in much better shape and have discovered my core muscles. I now use the Bosu Ball as a step in between my lifting (to keep my heart rate up). I still wobble but I can do it!

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