Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner ~ Rachel

It’s Saturday night. Dave is hanging out with his ex-roommate. I just had dinner. Wanna know what it was?

The only fast food I’ve had since beginning Weight Watchers in January has been Taco Bell (their Fresco menu is “healthy”), Chick-Fil-A (their nuggets are a very reasonable 6 points for 8 pieces) and I think Arby’s once or twice when I had the points. Well, tonight I didn’t want to cook. I was going through my dining out book to see where I could get dinner that wouldn’t cost me a ton of points. I had many options believe it or not. And guess what? I wasn’t really drawn to any of them. I probably should have just scrounged something up at home but the main idea behind getting food elsewhere was that I wouldn’t have to cook anything. Could I have gone to, for example, a Panera and gotten a nice fancy salad? Well, yes.  But I had Darwin in the car with me and I won’t leave my dogs in the car, unattended. Lame excuse? Maybe.

I picked the closest place and got my old favorites: cajun chicken filet biscuit (11 points) and an order of Bo Rounds (they are like little potatocakes-5 points). I asked for green beans because my book said they had them, but alas, my quest for something green failed. Oh well. Who goes to Bojangles and orders green beans anyways?

I’ll tell you what. I really enjoyed my dinner. It was tasty and maybe just what I needed. Will this be a habit? Um, no. I feel a little gross now to be honest with you. But it did taste good going down. Is my next stop McDonald’s for some of those fries I used to love. Oh hell no! You’d all hear a very big thud as my fat body fell off the wagon and landed squarely on the ground.

But a little bad food, every now and then, isn’t gonna kill me.

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  • Mark  On May 29, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Could be worse, i been workin to put on the pounds, and lost FIFTEEN of them in 3 days thanks to this stomach flu……im totally in hell, bed ridden, fetal position…….its horrible……sure 10 was prob just water…..but the other 5! that was my muscles! DOH!

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