Lucky Streak ~ Rachel

I don’t buy lottery tickets because I think lotteries are a form of regressive tax…but now I’m beginning to think maybe I should.

In the blogger world, people run contests and giveaways.  Well, I’ve won THREE of them in the last couple of weeks. I wanted to thank the hosts of each of them, alert you as to the whereabouts of their blogs and tell you what I won. Maybe one day a company will pick me to host one of these giveaways. Maybe I’ll just resort to giving away one or two of the plethora of cookbooks I own. We shall see. I feel like I need to pay it forward at this point!

(1) Coupons from Jenn at Slim Shoppin’: I received coupons for some free items, plus additional coupons for cents off of those items for when I get hooked on them. First up, the Horizon Organic 1% Chocolate Milk with DHA and Omega 3. I got my free half gallon but have yet to try it out. Dave is the chocolate milk person in this household and at 4 points per serving, I’m not likely to make this milk part of my daily routine. But it does look tasty! Second, I got coupons for some free PopChips. For those of you who have never heard of them…get to a Target pronto! These potato chips are not baked…they are not fried…they are air popped! And they are TASTY. I think these will become a staple in the apartment. At 3 points per 1 ounce serving (that’s like 20+ chips), they are soooo worth it. Jenn also sent me a coupon for a free refrigerated Buitoni pasta product. I picked up Mushroom Anglotti (I don’t know why they aren’t called ravioli) that were pretty tasty with mushroom alfredo sauce. They are typically expensive for not a whole lot of food so I probably won’t buy them again, but they were good when we had them. Thanks, Jenn, for the coupons! I love free stuff 🙂 Remember everyone, go get some PopChips!

(2) There is a really great place called Wine & Design here in Raleigh. You pay $35 and show up with wine (or another beverage of your choice). They supply you with all the supplies you need, plus an actual artist to help you paint the painting of the night. No artistic talent or experience is needed (that would be me). I was already signed up for one session (see picture below…I’m with my aunt and cousin) but was alerted to a local interior designer’s blog where she was giving away a free session. I figured my odds were pretty good since it was local so I left my comment and then won! Thanks to Elizabeth at Life of Style for hosting the giveaway! Between that free session and a session at half off (they were running a deal in May), Dave and I get to go paint something together. I think we will be tackling Starry Night. I’d like to apologize to Vincent in advance.

Rachel, Grace and Ana with 3 Flowers

(3) Lori at Finding Radiance hosted a giveaway of Slice of Life Vitamins and I won. I’m telling you….if I didn’t do statistics for a living and know that (a) these contests are independent events and (b) random number generators are usually pretty accurate…I would think something was up! Anyhow, Slice of Life will be sending me 3 bottles of their vitamins at some point. I’ve only recently begun to take vitamins on a regular basis and these should make it go even easier. I’m making it a point to get my multi-vitamin and my Vitamin D every day. I probably need to work on things like fish oil and the B vitamins. I can’t wait to see what SOL sends me! Thanks, Lori, for hosting this contest. Folks, if you want great recipes, great workout regimens, latte porn and new ways to use protein powder in your diet, go check out Lori’s blog. Oh yeah, she also has a ridiculously cute cat named Pixie who lives a very nice, relaxing life.

Thanks again to the lovely ladies that hosted these giveaways! People, go check out their blogs…seriously. You never know when you will be inspired!

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