Strength Training ~ Rachel

I’ve met with my personal trainer now a few times and have 3 workouts that I can do. Since my goal is to do strength training 3 times a week, that works out nicely. Jen’s intent is to do whole body type workouts with a few isolation moves thrown in for good measure. She wants to keep my heart rate up…and trust me, it does stay up!

For those of you interested, below is a table that describes my 3 workouts. I’ve added to them a little bit just to make them more balanced. I’ve learned some exercises from Jen that somehow didn’t make it into her workouts for me. For example, I love the lat pull down so I just added it in! Now if only I could delete the tricep exercises. If you have any suggestions or advice (or understand the pain of tricep dips), let me know :-)

Number Exercise Weight # Reps / Time # Sets
1A Shoulder Press (DB) 7.5 12 reps 3
1B Step n/a 1 min/2mins/1/min 3
2A Static Lunges w/Lateral Raises (DB) 5 10 reps each leg 2
2B Tricep Dips n/a 10 reps 2
3A Pectoral Fly (M) 40 12 reps 3
3B Kettle Bell Swings 15 10 reps 2
4A Plank (core) n/a As long as I can hold it 2
4B Mason Ball Twist (core) 6 30 secs 3
4C Superman (core) n/a 15 secs 2
Number Exercise Weight # Reps / Time # Sets
1A Bicep Curls (DB) 10 12 reps 3
1B Step n/a 1 min/2 mins/1 min 3
2A Reverse Fly (M) 40 12 reps 3
2B Laps around the “track” n/a 2 laps 3
3A Lat Pull Down (M) 50 12 reps 3
4A Yoga Ball Fast Pace Wall Squats n/a 15 reps 3
4B Yoga Ball crunches (core) n/a 30 secs 3
5A Plank (core) n/a As long as I can hold it 2
5B Mason Ball Twist (core) 6 30 secs 2
Number Exercise Weight # Reps / Time # Sets
1A Single Step w/ Medicine Ball Press 6 12 reps 2
1B Military Press w/ Tricep Extension (DB) 7 12 reps 2
2A Side Lunge with Bosu Ball n/a 12 reps each leg 2
2B Squats with Kettle Bell 15 12 reps 2
3A Chest Press (M) 10 12 reps 2
3B Bicep Curls (DB) 10 10 reps 2
4A Leg Extension (M) 35 12 reps 2
4B Hamstring Curls (M) n/a 12 reps 2
5A Plank (core) n/a As long as I can hold it 2
5B Superman (core) n/a 15 secs 2

As for my exercise plan this week, I’ve done pretty well. I did not make it to the gym yesterday (Sat) for water fitness but I did spend 8 hours deep cleaning the apartment (I have 2 very furry, shedding dogs) so I didn’t feel so bad. I was more sore after cleaning than I would have been after water fitness! I even climbed up and down, many times, on the step ladder so I could r..e..a..c..h the crown molding….or should I say the dust layers on the crown molding. I definitely got my fair share of stretching in!

As for the food…well, I was good until today. I was staying within points but that went to hell in a hand basket this evening because I had no plan for dinner and in no way felt like cooking.  We had lunch with Dave’s Mom this afternoon at a nice seafood restaurant. I had grilled scallops and veggies and cole slaw (not nearly as mayonnaisey as most). Everything was really good but I found myself hungry just a few hours later. Dave’s fish did not reheat very well so we were both floundering (hahah…no pun intended…Dave had cod, not flounder) for dinner. So, what happened? Well, we ordered a small pizza (4 pieces) and some wings from the Pittsburgh Pizza and Wing Factory (we live in Raleigh but there are a lot of yinzers down here).  Dinner wasn’t a total disaster but it wasn’t exactly success either. This is what happens when I don’t have a plan. Agh.

How the heck can I eat hummus, tabouli salad and baby carrots for lunch one day and not be hungry for hours and hours while eating scallops and veggies for lunch another day and be famished 4 hours later? I just don’t get it!

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  • Mark  On May 23, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    When you do dips off a bench, your workin triceps, lats, and core. Sooo…if you like lat pull downs, and already do tricep excercises, then maybe forget the dips for now… get alot of core all over your routine. Give yourself like 3 months, and do some dips out of nowhere, and i bet you’ll impress yourself because they will be easier!
    I had steak, cow tongue, and stomach lining today. it was GOOD!

  • Barbara A  On May 23, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Maybe the key is that the Hummus, Tabouli, and Baby Carrots have more fiber so you stayed fuller longer? : )

  • Diane Fit to the Finish  On May 24, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Even with all these years of maintenance I still have days where I am hungry even though I know I “shouldn’t” be. I just try and resist, resist, resist.

    I am so impressed with your workouts – great job Rachel!

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