Weekend Recap ~ Rachel

I don’t want to bore you with too many details (and you know how I like to ramble) so here are some highlights of my weekend

  • I went to my first water fitness class on Saturday morning. I felt slightly self-conscious during class because I felt like I was creating a tidal wave. I just had to keep reminding myself that the old ladies don’t create tidal waves because they weren’t getting the workout I was. I was really working it and enjoying it too! It was weird to swim with shoes on but I think it might have helped keep my feet on the bottom. The aerobic part was great…the weights part was VERY difficult. I was trying to do crunches in the water with these weights under water and boy oh boy were they tough. Anyways, class is a success and I really like the instructor so I’ll be going on Monday and Saturday mornings. I had planned on doing  my strength training after class but after I realized the workout I got in the water, I just went home! I don’t think I could have done a single tricep dip!
  • I bought new Crocs…instead of an ugly obnoxious butter color they are a pretty obnoxious purple 🙂
  • My controlled eating went out the window Saturday night! We went over to our friends’ house for dinner. Josh and Marcie have a chocolate lab named Lance. When Kharma, Darwin and Lance get together, they are like the 3 Musketeers. Chaos also ensues. They love each other! Anyways, Josh was making me a drink called a Zombie…midori, vodka and pineapple juice. Well, I had two before dinner. And since I hadn’t had a big lunch, I got quite buzzed. And since dinner was so yummy and I was so hungry and buzzed, I just kept eating! Granted, it was all healthy (Thanks, Marcie!) but my portions were easily double what they should have been. I then had mini chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for dessert (only 6pts worth thankfully) and another Zombie. Jeepers.
  • My eating got back on track today even though we went out to eat with Dave’s Mom. We went to Ted’s Montana Grill. Have you ever had a bison burger? If not, you should. They are leaner than beef and taste even better! I was able to track my points at Ted’s and eat reasonably well so I’m back on track. Though right now, I only have 7 points left for the day. Oh well. Dinner can be an egg beater omelette with spinach and feta cheese (3pts), a couple of turkey sausage links (2pts) and maybe an apple (2pts) or some pineapple (2).

Now I’m off to meal plan for the week. I hope y’all have had a great weekend!

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