What a Croc!!! ~ Rachel


Hi, my name is Rachel and I own a pair of Crocs. Actually, I own two pair. One is a lovely mary-jane style in black. The other are the regular Croc clogs in the most horrendous color of butter yellow you’ve ever seen (see picture for proof). I have no idea what possessed me to buy butter yellow Crocs but hey, I own them now. At least they aren’t Mario Batali orange.

The thing about my Crocs is that my feet are happy in them. I don’t have arch pain in them and I definitely don’t have heel pain in them. As soon as I switch to my sneakers…BAM…the heel pain is back with a vengeance.

I had my third session with Dr. Josh today…the scraping still hurts like hell but it wasn’t as bad as Wednesday’s scraping. I don’t know yet if it’s helping but I know it’s not hurting. Anyways, I digress. I asked him what he thought of Crocs. His eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas and he exclaimed “I love Crocs!” Well, color me dumbfounded because I was under the impression that the medical field hated Crocs and that they didn’t offer any support. In reality, for chiropractors at least, Crocs offer a lot of support and cushioning and they allow your feet to be closest to being barefoot, which apparently is a good thing.

I’ve read a few things here and there that the best thing for runners with plantar fasciitis is to actually run barefoot so I’m beginning to wonder if there is some truth to the whole idea that super-supportive shoes aren’t the way to go when you have feet problems. Are you confused yet? I am. I have had every single doctor tell me to always wear shoes…ALWAYS. Now I’m beginning to think that’s not the best way to go.

Maybe I should just wear my Crocs all the time.

Maybe I should get a less obnoxious color.

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  • Nathan Clendenin  On April 23, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Just get some of those little thingamabobs you stick in each of the holes – then they’ll be really cool.

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