I sweated today ~ Rachel

I just got back from the gym and would like to report that I actually did sweat this time! I did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike, knocking it up to level 8 on the random hill program. My heart rate got up to 148 on those hills but wasn’t much above 120 otherwise. I tried pushing it really hard but my problem was that my muscles couldn’t take it. I was reaching leg fatigue long before my heart rate could get up. And when I got my heart rate up, I couldn’t sustain it very long because my legs didn’t want to do the work.

So I decided to give the Arc Trainer a shot. It’s a cross between a Nordic Track and an elliptical (I think). It’s kind of a weird motion so I had to get used to it. I only did 5 minutes on it and had my heart rate up to 160 the entire time without feeling like my legs were going to fall off. This is where I starting sweating…a lot. I decided to save it for another day since I had just done the bike, but I think I may have found a better cardio machine for me. I will have to see how my foot holds up to 20-30 minutes on it. My foot stayed mostly flat the whole time but I did notice some tinges of pain in the heel when I got off the machine.  Damn this foot <shaking my fist at it>

Tomorrow, I meet with the chiropractor to test my metabolism and hydration levels and get some nutrition advice. Then I meet with a trainer and learn about the machines. I’m actually looking forward to strength training.

Did I just say that???

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