Week 12 weight loss ~ Dave

It has been officially 3 months since I started this program, and what a ride!  I have learned a lot about my eating habits, what I was putting in my body and what I should be putting in my body.  It’s been a hell of a journey thus far and is nowhere near completion.  But here is it folks.  Week 12 weight loss.

Week 11 weight: 343.0
Week 12 weight: 337.0
Weight loss: Lost 6.0

Starting weight: 365.6
Total loss: 28.6

Holy crap I know!!!  Hey what can I say it was a hell of a week.  I got new clothes that fit better than my “fat” clothes.  I went to the doctor and other than my weight got a clean bill of health.  Hey even my blood pressure was 122 over 80!!  WOW!

To top it all off… I have now surpassed Rachel in total weight lost!  She is only .6 pounds behind so she will catch me soon enough.  But still I passed her!  Yeah there is no competition just me being a guy.

Also Rachel and I are walking in the ASPCA 3k dog walk on the 17th.  Here is my link so feel free to donate if you so choose to.  Dave’s donation box.

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  • Bec & Nate  On April 8, 2010 at 7:44 am

    you guys are rocking this challenge! really proud of you both.

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