Walk-It Challenge ~ Rachel

At my Weight Watchers meeting on Tuesday we talked about the Walk-It Challenge. It was quite successful last year, apparently, so they are bringing it back this year. The goal is to have all members walk (or run) a 5K on June 6th, about six weeks from now. As I don’t know of any “real” 5Ks on that day, I’ll just have to map something out. If I complete the challenge, I’ll get another charm for my 10% key chain!

I’m walking a 3K in a week in a half (The Wake County SPCA K9 3K Walk). That’s a little less than the distance I walk when I go around Lake Lynn. I know I can do it. I also know that my body is more than capable of doing more than a 3K. A 5K is definitely something I could do with little to no “training.” I hate exercise and I’m out of shape but I’m not THAT out of shape, thankfully.

Unfortunately, while my body is capable of long walks, I don’t think my stupid left foot is. I don’t often seek out exercise…or want to exercise at all…but now that I am, I just hit a wall with my foot and it’s SO damn frustrating. I walked Lake Lynn today and am in a bit of agony this evening. I’ve got the Flector patch on my foot (it releases an NSAID locally) and am hoping I’m not limping too much tomorrow.  I just can’t repeat last summer’s cast and walking boot craziness…not to mention the pain. Who knew a single tendon could cause such agony?  Some of you have suggested swimming or pilates. Well,  swimming wasn’t an option because the YMCA is too expensive for my poor grad student budget. I’ve never done Pilates but they intimidate the hell out of me. I do, however, have a Pilates DVD in my Netflix queue so I was at least willing to give it a try.

That’s all changing come Friday!

In the mailbox today, buried amongst all the other junk mail that usually gets tossed right in the recycling bin, was a flyer for a new gym down the road. I talked to the manager and am getting a tour of it on Friday. Wanna know the pros?

(1) $25/month for students! Hooray! And the manager is basically going to wave the enrollment fees for me so I only have to pay a $29 processing fee. Whatever. I can handle that. It’s a locally owned gym and I’m happy to support local businesses (another pro).

(2) They have a pool! It’s not a lap pool but apparently people still swim laps in it. And since there are therapy jets in it, I can swim against the “current.” There are also water fitness classes that I plan on taking. I won’t have to depend on my damn left foot! Hooray! I keep getting this image of me in the pool with a bunch of senior citizens! Ha! Maybe I’ll get a weird and wacky swim cap 🙂

(3) They have lots of other classes like Zumba, which I’m dying to try, and BodyFlow, which is a Tai Chi/Yoga/Pilates hybrid. The manager teaches BodyFlow and said she has a HUGE ex-football player that takes the class. He does his thing in the corner and usually falls down laughing at himself because he’s “not flexible at all.” Guess who I’ll be gym buddies with? Yep, that guy! Or perhaps the 80 year old woman that just started. I can hang with an 80 year old, right?

(4) I think there is a special cardio room for just women. I’ve only ever belonged to women’s gyms so this “no boys allowed” room is a little comforting. I don’t really want all my jiggly bits being ogled by sweaty men. I’m fat. I’m out of shape. I sweat buckets. I have huge boobs that cannot be strapped down completely. I’d like to keep that away from the male eye.

(5) The place is brand spankin’ new and is gorgeous (at least according to the pictures I saw). There’s a smoothie bar and a sauna! They even have massage and chiropractic stuff going on. I’m not going to either, most likely, but it’s nice those amenities are there if I want them.

Wanna know the cons?

I don’t think there are any! I used to use the gym as the excuse that I HAD to exercise. Well, I don’t think of it as an excuse anymore. I’m kind of digging the idea of water fitness classes and laughing at myself on a yoga mat.

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  • Barbara A  On April 7, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Sounds awesome! Just a thought, they do make water aerobic shoes (not the goofy kind but REAL sneakers). Mine are AVIA and they offer good support and cushioning. Since you actually do a lot of pushing off the bottom of the pool in H2O classes it might be something to look into. When I was taking classes they made a big difference in how my feet felt. : )

  • Ana Gates  On April 7, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    a few things:
    i want to do a walk with you. those are fun. i did relay for life a few summers ago and it was fun.
    secondly, your gym sounds awesome. do zumba!! i’ve only heard good things about it, but didn’t know it was offered anywhere around here. (i.e. bring your scuz if they have bring a friend day :P)
    also…i still have some fashionista in me. if you need help picking out a stellar swim cap, let me know 😛

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