Food Journal 3/20-3/22 ~ Rachel

Here are my good eats for the second half of my week…the “bad” half of the week…but tune in to the next post for the good news!

Saturday, 3/20  (Daily points used=33/30)

Breakfast: english muffin (1), Light Laughing Cow wedge (1), egg (2), 2 turkey sausage links (2) and Vitatop muffin (1);  Lunch: cucumber (0), 8oz skim milk (2), string cheese (1), Attune bar (2);  Snack: Mini Babybel (1) and Vitatop (1);  Dinner: 2 pieces of homemade pizza (~16);  Dessert: WW ice cream candy bar (3);  Exercise: ~2 mile hike with Darwin in Umstead park

*I wasn’t hungry before my hike so I ended up with two snacks instead of lunch…it was just a weird eating day to begin with.

Sunday, 3/21  (Daily points used=42/30)

Breakfast: english muffin (1), egg (2), Light Laughing Cow edge (1);  Snack: string cheese (1), Fiber One bar (2);  Dinner: Baked ziti (9), 6 meatballs (6), slice of Texas Toast (4), salad (0), Light Ranch dressing (2);  Dessert: BIRTHDAY CAKE (15);  Exercise: nada

*I was not hungry for lunch and knew we were having an early dinner. I did ok with hunger today despite the weird schedule. The slice of Texas Toast was totally not worth 4 points. The birthday cake was awesome but I felt a little sick by the end of it…my body hasn’t had processed sugar like that in 2 months! The birthday cake was also probably more than 15 points but I have no way of really knowing. I think next time there is birthday cake, I’ll make sure to have a smaller piece…and one without “flowers”

Monday, 3/22 (Daily points used=45/30)

Breakfast: 3/4c egg beater (2), mushrooms (0), Canadian bacon (1), 1 oz Dubliner cheese (3), Attune bar (2);  Lunch: Caribou Northern Lite Latte (3), Fiber One bar (2), granny smith apple with cinnamon (2);   Snack: 1 oz Food Should Taste Good Multigrain chips (3);  Dinner: Brixx Wild Mushroom pizza on whole wheat crust (27);  Dessert: Moody Blues concert (0);  Exercise: nada

*I was on the road during “lunch” time so it was all finger foods that could be in the car. I thought I was making a decent choice at Brixx but when I looked the pizza up later after the Moody Blues concert (which, BTW, was awesome), I about fell over. I could not believe that the pizza was 27 points! I’m guessing they douse the thing in EVOO and then cheese. I can’t figure out where else the points could come from because the crust was thin and the only other things on the pizza were mushrooms and arugula. Good thing I planned for something like this and saved up my flex points! Now I know to get the Mushroom wrap the next time (12 points)! Holy cow was that an eye opener for me. It really does help to plan ahead of time and acquire nutrition facts before you go out!

Flex points used this week=31/35  (though, it might be more b/c of that birthday cake)

I clearly need to work on my eating habits, specifically when it comes to handling days where my schedule is totally thrown off or for days when I’m not hungry for regular meals. I am still pop free which is nice. I only exercised once so I’m going to make it a point to exercise twice this coming week. I think I did alright for the rest of my goals. It wasn’t a perfect week by any stretch of the imagination. But this isn’t about perfection…it’s about persistence!

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