Checking in ~ Rachel

Sorry I’ve been MIA most of this week. I spent what seemed like forever trying to nail down our dogs’ new “diet” (they now eat as good as we do) and then the rest of the week escaped me. I’ll write more soon but thought I would check in and ask one random question:

(1) My second set of blood tests were all normal…normal on creatinine, potassium and hemoglobin…my doc thinks I was just dehydrated the first time. So that’s all settled. I just have to go back in 2 months to recheck my Vitamin D.

(2) Dave and I have been hitting up the farmers’ market a lot more recently and it’s quickly becoming a must do kind of thing! I love it! Well, the in season stuff down here in NC is greens. I’m a little afraid of them, mostly because I don’t know how to cook them to make them palatable to a picky eater (Dave). I decided to throw caution to the wind and bought a bag of turnip greens today. Anyone have any suggestions or recipes? I don’t want to just boil them down like I would spinach…that’s a little too boring for my tastes!

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