Rachel by the Numbers ~ Rachel

I asked my doctor last week if we could do some blood tests. It’s been a little while for me and although I’m already down over 20lbs, I figured it would be good to get some baseline numbers. Overall, I’m a relatively healthy 30 year obese woman. But there is definitely room for improvement…improvement that will definitely come with future weight loss success! So here are my numbers:

Total Cholesterol: 194 (Desirable)

HDL: 42 (Poor)

LDL: 108 (Near optimal)

Triglycerides: 220 (High)

Fasting Glucose: 95  (Normal)

The Mayo Clinic has a good website about where your levels should be. My doctor thought my HDL was good and said it should be greater than 39. Well, the Mayo Clinic wants to see it above 50. I know the higher the better so I’ll keep at it. Eating right (check), exercise (not check) and making sure to get in my omega 3’s (am going to buy flaxseed later this week) will make my numbers get prettier and prettier. I don’t smoke (nor have I ever) and I only drink alcohol every now and then and not in excess. So all I have to do is eat right and exercise!

My vitamin D level was insufficient at 19.1 (as suspected)  so my doctor prescribed 50,000 IUs per week for 6-8 weeks…we’ll test again in a couple of months.  I imagine that as the weather improves (it’s sunny and 72 here today!) I’ll spend more time outside and my Vitamin D levels can improve the non-supplement way. I’m still going to investigate Vitamin D supplements though. Nobody seems to agree on the right amount to take!

I had to go back to Student Health today for another blood draw because I had slightly elevated creatinine, potassium and hemoglobin levels. My doc wants to figure out my potassium issue but wasn’t terribly concerned. She also thought my other numbers might have been due to perhaps dehydration. I guess we’ll find out what the new tests say. I sure hope she doesn’t send me on a witch hunt for an issue that doesn’t exist (She did this once before with my thyroid…she had done the wrong test given that I was on birth control…sheesh).

So that’s me by the numbers. Do you know yours?

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  • Nathan Clendenin  On March 9, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    My HDL is always a bit lower than desired too. Exercise is the thing! There’s got to be some low impact activity you can do!

    • Rachel Palmieri  On March 10, 2010 at 8:09 am

      My plantar fasciitis is not horrible right now and I can work through that. I twisted/sprained my foot a couple of weeks ago and keep rolling it out as it heals…so that’s whats been keeping me from exercising right now. It’s getting better…I just have to not roll it again!

      If I can get the cash together, I might join the YMCA for the pool.

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