Weight Loss Week Seven ~ Rachel

Ok, so “loss” isn’t the right word to be in the title…but I’m OCD (and optimistic) about being consistent so the title remains. I did not lose weight this past week. I did not gain weight this past week.

I’m not shocked at the results of my weigh-in this week and frankly, it’s probably the kick in the pants I need in order to do really well this week. You see, I stopped writing stuff down in my little book.

It started Saturday night at a Thai restaurant. I ate too much rice…more out of necessity than anything because the beef panang curry practically had flames shooting from it…but I still ate too much rice. And I didn’t even bother trying to figure out the points of beef panang curry. My only saving grace was that I only ate half of the curry because it was so hot.

It continued Sunday night when we made steak tacos…except I ate an entire can of fat-free refried beans with mine because I love refried beans. None of the food was bad for me but the quantity did me in.

It continued Monday night when we had a WW dish (Crab & Corn Bisque). I ate what I was slotted to eat of the bisque but indulged on the WW cornbread by adding honey to it (it was kind of dry) and having an extra piece (I thought I was still hungry).

Well, it’s Tuesday and I’ve written everything down and will continue to do so. I like being in control of my points…I am a control freak after all.

I’m going to be diligent this week about my little book and hopefully the scale will reflect that next week!

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