Favorite Finds ~ Rachel

I have to let you in on some of my new favorite things:

(1) Handmade Coupon Holder by GlowGirl on Etsy: My commercially made coupon organizer was woefully inadequate because there were not enough sections (I had one big “Misc” section) and it wasn’t wide enough for those obnoxiously long coupons that take up the entire width of a piece of paper. Deb (GlowGirl) makes AWESOME fabric coupon holders and supplies you with 20 placement holders (and more for a very small cost). All of my coupons now fit and the coupon categories make a lot more sense. I can be a more efficient shopper now. Please check her coupon holders out…the fabrics are beautiful and the work is high quality. This is the one I got:

For the record, I don’t clip it to my cart like in the picture…that’s a little too “crazy coupon lady-like” for me 🙂

(2) WW Cream Cheese: I kept hearing about the WW cream cheese and how good it was. Well, my grocery store doesn’t carry it. Apparently, WalMart carries every WW product under the sun but since I refuse to shop at the “W” store (My Mom won’t utter the name so she uses this), I thought I was out of luck (though, admittedly, I haven’t searched the other stores in my area). Well, BJs had a large box of individually wrapped containers of it. I love a lot of cream cheese on my bagels and the little containers were perfect for the mini-bagels I like. The cream cheese had a great texture and was very creamy and tangy. Best yet, it was only 1 point (plus 2pts for the mini bagel).  Since Dave doesn’t really eat cream cheese, I now have a lot to get through. Gotta love wholesale clubs.  I’m just glad I don’t have to eat fat free cream cheese now…that stuff was gross.

(3) Butter: I’m not talking about the stuff that clogs your arteries and makes everything taste better. I’m referring to nut butters and fruit butters. I love peanut butter but have a new found love of almond butter…and there is a jar of cashew butter in our pantry calling out my name. I’m also loving all the fruit butters that are out there…apple, pear, pumpkin, sweet potato…they are so low in calories and have no fat so it’s weird to call them butter. For the most part, it’s pureed fruit with some spices. I recommend trying a fruit butter on a toasted english muffin or maybe on waffles!

(4) Ever wonder if that item in the fridge is still ok to eat? Check out Still Tasty, an awesome website with a ridiculous amount of useful information on perishable foods. Someone had a lot of time on their hands…

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