Addictive personalities and diets – Dave

So I will admit it, I have an addictive personality.  I have been addicted to many things and only one was illegal, pot.  I have been addicted to all the bad things in life though.  I have been addicted to World of Warcraft, alcohol but not to a horrid extent, nicotine (and I still smoke once in awhile) and worst of all sugar and carbs.  I love sugar and carbs!  I have inherited a sweet tooth seriously and it kills me to be fixing my lifestyle.  But I am going to do it, heck it’s easier than the nicotine addiction.

But now I have a new addiction or well not an addiction but more of an obsession.  I am obssessed with exercising.  Now I am not actually an addict to the point that it is a problem.  Yes I had to look it up here  just to make sure.  But I am obssessed.  On the weekends I have trouble sitting idle.  I get this urge to get up and go somewhere.  Now granted I have always been a little twitchy but this is truly unexplained.  I used to take some time to relax and nap a little on the weekends since I get stressed during the week.  Now I find myself looking for excuses to take the dogs on a hike. If I do not feel sufficed by that then I want to head to the gym and hit the treadmill. 

I know any doctor will tell me to take it slow, but I am having trouble doing so.  I find myself pushing myself harder and harder each time.  Now just walking around the dog park is not enough, I need to move faster slowly creeping up to a jog.  If I feel I am not moving at a quick enough pace, I push harder and harder.  In the end I am not sure this is good or bad.  Am I going to burn myself out?  I am not sure and I hope not.  Where will it end?  Hopefully in a better me.  At least now I have the shoes to tackle this exercise.  Speaking of if you are looking for a good trail running shoe go with the Vasque Blur with GoreTex found here.

I will keep updating here.  I will say I am down to a 21 minute mile on a treadmill and probably a 25 minute mile on a steep incline trail.

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