Random Thoughts for a Sunday Night ~ Rachel

I should be crunching numbers right now (not my weight or calories but data for my dissertation) but instead I am reading one of my favorite blogs from past to present. Oh well, motivation for my weight loss and healthy lifestyle should be just as important as motivation for my dissertation…right? Right???? Anyways, I thought I would share some random thoughts running through my head:

(1) My favorite blog (I can’t figure out how to put links in my post so just check out the 40-something blog to the right) made mention of a “no beverage calorie” rule. Well, I don’t like regular pop except for root beer so I’m mostly safe there. Juice tends to do terrible things to my stomach so I’m safe there too. Milk, on the other hand, is not something I’m willing to give up. I like milk. I don’t drink it a whole lot but I’m learning that the calcium has weight loss benefits and that it’s a “filling food” according to WW.  Plus, I can’t give up my Starbucks caramel macchiato with skim milk (it’s mostly milk after all). I just went from a venti with an extra shot of espresso to a grande. I might, one day, get down to a tall. Everything in moderation, right?

(2) I don’t think I’ve taken a Zantac or popped any TUMS since I began WW almost two weeks ago. I’m close on some nights but the reflux isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. Woohoo for small miracles!

(3) I’m doing terrible on moving my butt. It’s really hard to motivate oneself  to exercise when body parts hurt. I really need to make dog walks more of a point this week.

(4) I bought a bunch of vitamins which are sitting on my kitchen counter untouched. I’m also horrible at taking vitamins. Why do they have to be so frackin’ huge?

(5) We met friends for dinner at Hayes Barton Cafe this weekend. Instead of getting the best meatloaf known to man, I opted for the pork medallions, figuring they might be healthier. They were darn tasty. And I only got 3 small medallions with the meal  so I didn’t feel quite as guilty about the best mashed potatoes known to man (sorry, Grandma!).  I took some home so I could enjoy the dessert. For perhaps the first time in my life, I ate the cake and not the icing. I love icing. Especially cream cheese icing. This cream cheese icing was too cream cheesy so it went untouched. I guess that’s a small victory too.

I have so many thoughts running through my head at any given moment that blogging could get out of control. I am going to make a plan to blog on M, W, and F and see what happens. I don’t need this whole process completely taking over my life!

I’m going to leave you with one of the food rules from Michael Pollan: “The whiter the bread, the sooner you’ll be dead.”  I can’t remember the last time I ate white bread.  My skin crawls just thinking about Wonderbread. Ew.

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  • Ana Gates  On January 26, 2010 at 1:51 am

    hahahahah ew i know! i ate a sandwich on ali’s white bread the other day when i ran out of whole wheat and it was so gooey and ewey.

  • Shelley B  On January 26, 2010 at 3:10 am

    I will admit to having a non-fat latte from Starbucks every now and then…at that point, I’m claiming the milk as protein and therefore calorie-worthy…I can justify anything, lol!

    I hear ya on the horse-pill-sized vitamins. It took me quite a while to get over that, but I’ve taken mine on a regular basis for over a year now. Not sure they’re doing much, but whatever, I guess it’s not hurting to take them.

    And thanks for the compliment, Rachel! 🙂

  • isladeangela  On January 27, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    “The whiter the bread, the sooner you’ll be dead.” – Love it! I stumbled upon your blog today and found lots of similarities in our stories. My goal is to lose 100 pounds this year – 10 pounds a month, slow and steady… I’m also blogging about my journey and would love to encourage each other through the rough areas AND the celebratory ones, too! Come on by and visit me! 😀 ~ Angie

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